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Archives for October, 2010

Daily life

Open The Mics!

I can’t do it. I can’t do it anymore! If I have to see even one more political ad, I think I will melt down.
Don’t get me wrong, it ‘s not that I don’t care about our state, our country, it’s just that I don’t care who stomped on whose head (and that’s a flash from my very own home town, thank you very much), who hired a nanny without proper papers, or...
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Road Rage VS Serendipity

I’m in the car (and trust me, Boston is brutal) dying to tell the guy next to me what I think he is… I am possessed by a person I don’t recognize…this person feels she is the only one on the road who knows how to drive – and in a split second can open her mouth and a stream of profanity comes out – but really, is seems she is the only...
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