universal thank you note

If life is all about relationships, then how I treat the people I am in relationships with defines a huge part of  my well being.

One of the very best feelings I get is when I can say Thank You to someone. Even if I don’t share a deep relationship with the person and it’s just a polite “Thank You,” I know I’ve done good! I need the person to know that I value what they have done for me. My heart always feels lighter and happier when I can express myself in this way.

Saying thank you to anyone who is “checking me out” (I wish I didn’t have to differentiate for you but I’m referring to when I pay for a good or service) is simply a given. Having been raised in the south, it’s ingrained in me. If I didn’t say thank you, I would get the look – you know the one, the look from your mom or dad or teacher that said you had better ________ (fill in the blank!) right now or else…!

Then there are the Thank You’s to those we love – it keeps them certain that we treasure them – that we do not take them for granted. Sometimes I simply say “thank you for being you” to the special people in my life. Sometimes, I wish I’d remember to say it more!

And still yet deeper expressions of gratitude can be found in my journal where I pray through my written words. It’s when I say thank you for the gazillion blessings I have – even if I’m not aware of them? I still say Thanks. I say Thank You for the gifts buried in the yuck stuff. Like you, I generally can find a gift in nearly every situation particularly if it is far enough in my past.

Lastly, don’t forget to thank yourself for all the good you do in any given day. You never know who you’ll brush up against with your wings.

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