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Archives for June, 2010


You Deserve To Be Brilliant

How often do we, as the commercial says, “wind ourselves up” in the morning? Do we simply show up for our day, going through the motions in a very unmemorable and joyless way? Maybe we have accepted jobs or homes or even relationships because they just happened to be there and now, it’s just easier to stay put.
And haven’t we with depression, given up enough already?

At times, I have certainly settled in many areas...
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Friendship Through Depression – Let Them See You Through

Everyone has gotten them. Those e-mails of gratitude for friendship – complete with the dancing angels on your screen and the directive to forward to 10 people if you want a miracle in 5 minutes.
I have e-mail list envy. I can’t help but to look the sender’s long list of recipients.

I have to really reach to find enough friends in order to get my miracle and I want my damn miracle!

I hope my dermatologist’s office...
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Lessons From Preschool – Part 2

Come in your comfy clothes!
Everybody hugs one another (as if we have not seen each other in ages) and sits down at the tables with brightly colored plastic chairs. A spread of  fresh orange juice, milk and goldfish is laid out before us!
Next, my personal favorite, it’s time to do arts and crafts. Which one among us wouldn’t like to do just a tiny project...
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Lessons From Preschool – Part 1

I have a theory. You see, I believe that if we adults went through the same exercise that preschool children do – day in and day out -- we would be much happier, much more productive people. Case in point: In between jobs, I worked at a day care center. I did this mostly to keep myself out of my apartment alone. A day care center….That couldn’t be too bad could it? After...
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Depression Collapses Under The Weight of Summer

Isn’t summer just the best? Memories of red, white and blue “bomb pop” popsicles come immediately to mind. Like clockwork, each evening, the ice cream truck’s love song lured children from their cartoon comas and houses all over our neighborhood.  I consider those warm summer nights spent impatiently waiting at the ice cream man’s truck window a right of passage.
What about the feel of cool grass beneath your bare feet or the...
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Laughing At Our Mistakes

You know, I screw up a lot. Probably not more than the average person but I sure feel like I am a strong contender if they ever start giving out awards for it. I know it’s hard for my employees to believe (eyes roll) but my inner actress does a fine job of feigning confidence. I know they’d be shocked to find out I am not perfect.
When I mess up I...
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Ha! The Power of Laughter

Laughter pushes shadows from a room. It fills those spaces with light.
Laughter can make a bowl of brussel sprouts seem easier to stomach.
Laughter can make that cute, too tight tankini glaring back at you from the dressing room mirror have “defective sizing”.
Laughter can make the traffic less jammed.
Laughter can give the heart a much needed break from pain.
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Facing Down Problems By Lightening Up

I believe we take ourselves way too seriously. Everything is seen in an extreme. It is either all or nothing. We leave no room in the middle to color outside the lines. It feels like every decision we make will impact our lives so totally that surely it will forever be changed.
If somebody is upset with us, or disappointed in us, we imagine...
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