208/365: Ebay-ing

My TV stays on channel 47, 24/7. I am getting out my credit card. You see I must have those felted hangers in “Pale Romance,” a muted pink color and if I don’t hurry, I’ll miss out and have to go on a wait list!  This after having purchased an almost leather-like, accordion style wallet that has 22 slots for my credit cards, none of which have even so much as a nickel in available credit. And before that? I had to have  multiple pieces of Jackie O inspired jewelry.

Little do any of my loved ones know, I am a closet home shopper.

Oh, I used to be a retail snob too but the oh so talented show hosts can make anybody wonder how they have lived their life so far without a swiveling head mop and extreme microfiber technology.

Just when I thought my favorite show host could do no wrong, he actually pulled the zipper (live) totally off  a stylish designer hand bag which made me pause and think.

Does depression create a hole that must be filled by something? If there’s no booze – no drugs – is retail therapy the next likely thing?

After all, isn’t Wheel of Fortune just another shopping show? Doesn’t Vanna White sell letters?

I suppose I know the answer to the questions. You can try any number of things to fill the hole that otherwise would be flooded with emotion and with nothing else to use, I choose a little harmless home shopping.

Until my TV gives out, each and every power resistance cord that promises to help me lose 10 pounds in 5 days will  likely live on my closet floor.

Just when I thought I had seen it all though, today they actually offered a “face lift in a box”…a mix of super adhesive tape, elastic cords and hair clips. I had to pass on this one.

Creative Commons License photo credit: PlayfulLibrarian