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Archives for April, 2010


Saturday Morning Depression – Part Two

There lies within me the smallest of pilot lights. Squint and you will see it there. It never goes out. Never. Having depression does not extinguish it. Like finding your way through the basement with only a flashlight, it may make it harder to find but depression will never put it out.
Depression cannot take away the people who love me. I may try my best to hide, but like...
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Saturday Morning Depression – Part One

I awoke with a start, my eyes snapping open to a cold, white ceiling.
Like an intruder in my home, I could sense its presence.

No alarm was tripped, no authorities were summoned, no warning at all but depression was back.  Just like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, “Honey, I’m Home.”

“You are not welcome” I cried, but it has no ears.
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Crayons, Coloring Books And A Slinky – It's Time To Play!

I always thought the best job in the whole wide world would be testing new toys. Sure, there’s the business aspect of it but it would also demand that I think like a child each day. Which for me can prove to be healthy, healthy, healthy!

One difference between children and adults is that we have forgotten how to play.  Kids don’t play for a return on their investment. They play because it’s fun and they...
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SWBPF Seeks SWM – Adventures In Online Dating, Part 1

She is absolutely captivated as she gazes into her man’s eyes, hanging on his every word.
He blushes and describes how he knew his new love was his destiny at first Wink.

They are holding hands on the beach, watching a golden sun set on yet another perfect day together.

The caption at the bottom of the TV screen reads Daniel & Lori – married October 2, 2009.

I think I’m going to throw up.

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Daily life

We'll Get You There – Patience And The Airlines, Part One

When it comes to travel, I've led quite a charmed existence.
I've heard all the travel tales that make you want to curl up under the covers and forget holidays and vacations  all together ...  lost suitcases chock full of gifts, family pets who ended up in Boise when the owner traveled to Lauderdale, delays that inched up into days. I've always listened (full of gratitude that the horrors of...
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