When Your Ex-Narcissist Has Moved On (and You Haven’t)

Not long ago, I got this rather anguished question from a reader:
“I just saw on Facebook that my ex-husband is living with someone, and has been for two years. I ended up moving away so didn’t know but he has been living with this woman for at least two years! We have been divorced for four. How did he supposedly fall in love and make a commitment so quickly while it has taken me years...


Unloving Mothers, Daughters, and the Poison of Jealousy

When I was writing Daughter Detox:Recovering from an Unloving Mother and Reclaiming Your Life, a reader sent me this message:
“It makes me uncomfortable to talk about my mother’s jealousy, you know, because it sounds so unnatural even to accuse her of that. It’s hard enough to criticize your mother publicly to begin with but to call her jealous seems somehow to reflect badly on me. You know, what kind of a daughter calls her...


“Why Am I So Angry About My Childhood?”: A Key Question for the Unloved Daughter

The question of anger often comes up in messages I get from readers understandably so because while anger can play a temporarily positive role as the daughter begins to really see and understand how her childhood affected her, her continuing anger becomes yet another problem for her to tackle. This is something I remember well; I was an incredibly angry young woman in my twenties, heavily armored, quick to retaliate with a sarcastic or biting...