Anxious behavior

Unloved Daughters: Are You the Biggest Obstacle to Your Happiness?

My husband says that he doesn’t understand why I’m always so negative about everything. He says I’m like Eeyore, always down in the mouth. Is this because of my childhood? Is it possible for me to be happy?

I’m always afraid that the other shoe will drop and my anxiety trumps my happiness every time. This is affecting almost all of my close relationships. What can I do?


What is Emotional Abuse Exactly? Taking a Hard Look at a Buzzword

For a time, I belonged to a large closed Facebook group dedicated to supporting people who thought they were in various kinds of abusive relationships; I told the administrators who I was and that I was there largely to see, as a writer, what people were most concerned about. I did not post comments. But one of the astonishing revelations was how much of the dialogue was really about validating what constituted abuse in a...