Anxious behavior

Unloved Daughters and the Ongoing Problem with Boundaries

“Almost everyone I know well says I invade their space. And you know what? I’m not entirely sure what that means. How close is too close? Is there an invisible line between being involved and being intrusive? It happens with friends and it happens with lovers. What am I missing?”
This is the message I got from “Nina,” who is 35 and still struggling to define intimacy in relationships.


Unloved Daughters and the Awful Cycle of Repetitive Thoughts

Not long ago, I got a rather plaintive message from a reader who wondered whether there was a connection between her own childhood experiences and her problems dealing with stress:
"When I feel stressed or worried, it’s practically impossible for me to stay on an even keel; I am up most of the night, unable to shut off my brain, and all my worries seem to run on an endless loop. Of course, being sleep-deprived only...