2 thoughts on “Is He or She Really a Narcissist? Is Calling Someone a “Narc” A Fad?

  • May 3, 2018 at 10:59 pm

    If I could only get my family and most of the friends I had to read a tiny percentage of articles like this, just MAYBE, it would all make sense to them vs disowning and abandoning me before, during and still after divorcing this person from hell in a court of law turned into a circus act. I started educating myself years ago, thanks to both an excellent psychiatrist and counselor, who both met my now ex, in a few sessions he barged himself into. After those sessions I knew either I WAS in fact the CRAZY UNSTABLE ONE, or he was. My next visits with each proved to be very enlightening for me in a sick, disgusting, stomach turning kind of way when you learn from two separate individuals, (not working together) either, that my spouse was diagnosed by proxy by each professional, as a covert narcissist. That’s now been years ago, and I’m still here reading and educating myself, and keeping articles like yours for one day when someone might decide that my truths and facts were exactly that, and all the smearing of my name to everyone will change. If not, it’s sad, because I lost my only daughter, (grown & from a first marriage), to the brainwashing of this sick disgusting, excuse of a human being. I am still financially bankrupt, and will be struggling for a long time. (Thank you County Court System), and thank goodness we didn’t have children together because being NO CONTACT NO REACTION, is the only thing that has brought me peace of mind, along with my dog he tried to take from me claiming “she deserved to be happy, too”.
    Thankfully the judge (female), allowed me to keep her since he’d already moved on and had been not only through 1 but now his 3rd victim, along with 5 dogs they’ve had over these 6 long years I’ve suffered without my daughter and granddaughters. He knew exactly what he was doing when brainwashing her, and I’m certain it was going on much longer than I ever realized once all the pieces started to fall into place. Thank you for this.
    Most times these are my only source of validation as so many excellent Dr’s, Psychiatrists, Counselors, etc. are now gone from the area I live in, in the Midwest. It’s sadddening how our mental health “care” has suffered so greatly in these last many years as well.

  • October 5, 2018 at 11:14 pm

    I wanted to keep an open mind when I started reading this, and I couldn’t believe how accurate it is in describing my mother. Every attribute. Such a lonely childhood.


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