Dealing with the Guilt-Tripping Mother

lightbulbThere’s a variation on a light bulb joke that sums up how some mothers use guilt. In case you somehow missed it during childhood and adolescence, here it is in all of its glory:

Question: How many daughters does it take to change a light bulb?


5 Steps on the Road to Self-Compassion

Daughters (and sons, for that matter) who grow up with hypercritical, combative, or dismissive mothers don’t just suffer from low self-esteem but they also internalize their mothers’ words and assessment of them as self-criticism.


The Enmeshed Mother: A Daughter Trapped

knotsWhile the daughter of a dismissive mother suffers because she’s ignored and can end up caught in a cycle of behaviors meant to elicit her mother’s attention—either highly constructive or destructive or both—the enmeshed daughter disappears in the hot glare of her mother’s attention.