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Anxious behavior

Unloved in Childhood? 5 Baby Steps to Seeing Yourself Clearly

One of the legacies of a childhood in which your emotional needs weren’t met is an impaired sense of yourself. Because a child first catches a glimpse of herself in her mother’s eyes, it’s not at all unusual for an unloved daughter’s perception of herself to be utterly distorted. This can be quite literal, especially if she’s been told she’s fat or ugly, but extends into other realms as well.

As one daughter, 33, confided:
I have...
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Are You in Love With a Narcissist? 5 Psychological Costs

It took Sue, now 40, years to get up the courage to end her ten year marriage. “To everyone on the outside looking in, it looked as though it should have been easy to get out. We had no children. We both worked and I didn’t have to depend on him financially. I knew I was unhappy by year four but it took me another six years to untangle my feelings. He was a master...
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