The Child Ignored: 6 Effects of Having a Dismissive Mother

“My mother would ask me what I wanted to eat and then serve me whatever she felt like, as if I hadn’t said a word. That was true of everything: any time I expressed a wish or preference, she made it clear that what I wanted didn’t matter. They were repainting my room and she asked me what color I wanted and I said blue but also said I was fine with anything but pink. I should have known better but guess what? I came home to bubble-gum pink walls.”


6 Ways The Narcissist Turns the Tables on You

Being in a relationship with someone high in narcissistic traits can be maddening, painful, and, counterintuitively enough, exciting. As Dr. Craig Malkin notes in his book, Rethinking Narcissism, it’s easy to confuse or conflate the roller-coast ride of this kind of relationship—with its dramatic ups and downs, its quick turn from love-bombing to disparagement and control—with passion.


Are You Making Excuses for Your Mother’s Abusive Behaviors?

It’s ironic but one of the most common obstacles to a daughter’s healing from a toxic childhood is her continuing effort to understand and make sense of her mother’s behavior. It’s counterintuitive but, in this case, trying to understand—which is normally a path to resolution and action—is actually part of the unloved daughter’s quest to find a way to get her mother to love her.

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