Will a Toxic Childhood Make You Procrastinate? (The Answer Will Surprise You)

When I did a call-out to readers when I was compiling the questions for my most recent book, The Daughter Detox Question & Answer Book, this question about the link between childhood treatment and putting things off came up with some regularity.  Readers complained about not being a finisher or what one woman called “cluttering up her life with half-done projects” while others chimed in that even looking at their to-do lists filled them...


When Your Ex-Narcissist Has Moved On (and You Haven’t)

Not long ago, I got this rather anguished question from a reader:
“I just saw on Facebook that my ex-husband is living with someone, and has been for two years. I ended up moving away so didn’t know but he has been living with this woman for at least two years! We have been divorced for four. How did he supposedly fall in love and make a commitment so quickly while it has taken me years...