6 Ways to Spot a Narcissist from Day 1

If you’re reading this, the chances are good that you’re trying not to repeat history and go down that path which looked like it was strewn with flowers on the very first date and ended up being a total nightmare which may well have broken your heart and spirit.


Is He or She Really a Narcissist? Is Calling Someone a “Narc” A Fad?

There’s no question that calling someone a narcissist has become a cultural reflex of sorts and that the subject of narcissism has become pop psychology’s Little Black Dress. Type in the word on Google search and you’ll get an astonishing 19,000,000 results! The “narc”—as he or she is familiarly referred to—has become a synonym for the toxic and potentially hurtful person each and every one of us should avoid. Alas, along with the popularity, comes...

Anxious behavior

Love without Boundaries: The Enmeshed Mother

Of all the toxic patterns of maternal behavior, perhaps the most emotionally confusing—and one of the hardest to navigate and deal with—is that of the enmeshed mother. If you were to ask if she loves her daughter, she’d answer you with the utmost surety because, as she sees it, her love is boundless. In truth, it lacks any and all healthy boundaries.


The Silent Treatment: Understanding Wordless Emotional Abuse

When my mother got angry or was displeased, she would act as though I wasn’t there. It was like I’d become invisible like a ghost or a pane of glass. When I was small—say six or seven—I would melt under the heat of her glare, crying and begging for her to say something but she wouldn’t. Of course, I tiptoed around her all during my childhood, afraid. You know, it was like being locked in...

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