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Body Image

4 Perils of Being a Perfectionist

Sometimes patients tell me, “I can’t be a perfectionist, because nothing in my life is perfect.” But being a perfectionist isn’t about things being perfect; it's about thinking things need to be perfect and vigilantly pursuing it.  Emotionally, this means that instead of living your life in a place of self-acceptance, perfectionists are on a continual treadmill chasing the elusive feeling of...
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Moving Through the 5 Stages of Breakup Grief

Letting go of a bad relationship can be complicated. That’s because the end of a relationship is like experiencing a death, of sorts.  Even if you are the one that initiated the breakup and believe that the breakup is the best thing for all involved, letting go of a relationship follows the same process as mourning a death.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, MD, in her groundbreaking book On Death and...
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