Surviving Infidelity
with Abe Kass, M.A. R.S.W., R.M.F.T.


Confidential Forgiveness Quiz: To Forgive or Not to Forgive?

Forgiveness is an essential dynamic when recovering fully from infidelity
My own research on the topic of "forgiveness" shows there is much confusion regarding this issue. Some people are of the mind that forgiveness is a gift to oneself and to the offender.

Not so.

Forgiveness means that the perpetrator of the injury is remorseful and has proven this in both word and deed, and that he or she has requested forgiveness.

To just "let go"

Forgiving someone when they are...


How to Forgive Infidelity [5 Thinking-Points]

It is very difficult to forgive your partner when he or she has cheated on you.

Relationship cheating cannot be compared to any other type of bad behavior - except emotional or physical abuse which is also very bad!

Infidelity is the ultimate betrayal. It makes no difference what others (even what some so-called 'professionals") will tell you — being betrayed by a cheating husband, wife, or partner is not a minor relationship sin. And in spite of...


11 Reasons Why People Cheat On Their Partner [and They Can’t Justify Their Bad Behavior]

Discovering that your spouse has been cheating is devastating.

After the affair is over, if relationship recovery is a mutual decision, then the betrayed partner always asks, "Why did you cheat?"
Let's look at 11 reasons a partner cheats:

1. Naive Flirtation

A common reason behind an affair is being in the wrong place at the wrong time and not taking proper precautions to avoid the slippery slope that can lead to toxic love. It sounds like a cheap excuse,...


Recovering from infidelity: What do you want your future to be?

After the affair is over, there are many questions to answer and points to consider.

Likely you will ask yourself, "Will my family survive?"

More than that, you are wondering, "Do I even want my marriage or committed relationship to survive with my cheating partner?"

Your future is unknown, and you ask, "What will happen to me and the lives of my loved ones?"

You want to know, "If there's hope for a good future regardless of whether I reconcile or...


Your Partner Cheated; Now What!

As I have said many times in the past, and continue to say, it IS POSSIBLE to recover from infidelity. However, doing so successfully requires; 1) That the betraying partner severs completely his or her relationship with his or her paramour; 2) The cheater...


Current affairs: When an infant is born into infidelity

Certainly, you are aware of the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump and the allegations of infidelity dating back years.

One such allegation reported in countless news sources claims that President Trump's wife, Melania, had given birth to their son in 2006 just before his having had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. The President insists all claims of infidelity are false; that he never cheated on his wife.

Where the truth lies has yet to be proven —...


How to Tell if Someone is Cheating?

When a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend experience a rapid and unexplained deterioration in his or her relationship it is natural to ask, "How can I tell if my partner is cheating?"

When your partner cheats, there are always signs.

As a seasoned marriage therapist, it is not unusual for relationships to be "stuck." One individual is working very hard in therapy to bring back the enthusiasm, passion, and goodwill that has been missing for a...


Surviving Infidelity: Cheating Is Like Relationship Cancer

The "disease" of infidelity destroys families. Recovering from an affair requires three essential tasks. Learn what they are...

Infidelity is like cancer, and recovery is not assured

Infidelity is not pretty, but when it happens it must be faced. When a couple is afflicted with infidelity and they don't deal with all its ugly dimensions, their relationship can be made much worse than it already is.

Surviving infidelity is not assured, and getting over infidelity...


Five Ways to Deal With the Torturous Thoughts That Come After the Affair

Infidelity is a relationship act that when discovered hurts everyone involved. After an affair has been exposed, the entire family suffers including the children and extended family.
Yet, no one is hurt more than the cheater’s partner. He or she is the main victim. And if this is you — read the following carefully.
When you marry or enter into a committed relationship, whether stated openly or not, there is a clear understanding that your...