How to Make a Huge Emotional Issues Workable

It's easy to become overwhelmed by our issues. I'm not here to suggest that anyone can tackle complex emotional issues with the simple idea I'm about to express, yet some find it very helpful. I hope you do, too.

Some issues are so pervasive that it's hard to separate ourselves from them. Feeling depressed is the same as being a depressed person. Feeling fear is experienced as being a coward in life. Feeling like you're...


When it Seems Like Something is Missing in your Life

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That's a cool quote by Robert Holden about what's missing in life. But for those of us who have felt this way, how helpful is it? To know that what's missing is "me" doesn't do much for me on a practical level.

So many of us feel like something's missing. When I've dug a little deeper, it has become more obvious that it is indeed feelings that are missing. So when you say, I feel like...


When Should You Stop Thinking About the Past?

It may be impossible, as an adult, to recall what it was like to be a child. Looking back on it is all we have.

As I look back on my own childhood, I can't help but ask some questions. I wonder if you might ask yourself the same from time to time. Let's see!

What was I really thinking back then? I realize that I don't honestly know, since it's been so long and...


Imposter Syndrome Genuine Talent Worksheet

Every time I was called on in class, I was sure that I was about to embarrass myself. Every time I took a test, I was sure that it had gone badly. And every time I didn’t embarrass myself — or even excelled — I believed that I had fooled everyone yet again. ~ Sheryl Sandberg

How about an imposter syndrome worksheet that addresses our natural talents? Imposter syndrome would have you chalk...


Making Decisions You Know You Will Regret

Which choice am I more likely to regret?

This is a good question to ask if you’re in a dilemma. But it takes more than just asking the question, so today I’m going to ponder the answer.

What I see in my mind's eye as I consider the choices in front of me are two paths moving forward: one path moves toward the darkness the other path moves toward the light.

Now I hear a little voice in...


Five Signs You’re Lying to Yourself

Dishonesty is a trait that most of us have no problem pointing out in others.
-Aletheia Luna

How can those of us who may suffer from imposter syndrome catch ourselves being less than genuine? Here are some signs that you're not on the up and up.

As an aside, the graphic above with the red-colored word "lies" in it - seems a bit harsh to me. When we tell white lies, we're often intending no harm...


Five Normal Things You Can’t Do When Suffering from Imposter Syndrome

In this post, we will focus on consequences without worrying so much about the definition of imposter syndrome. You can read a little about what’s behind imposter syndrome first if you’d like.
Let’s get right into the list of five normal things you cannot do while suffering from imposter syndrome.

1. Take a compliment seriously

After all, you feel like a fraud and tend to believe any success is attributed to...