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Adult Children of Alcoholics

How to Break the Cycle of Codependency

This article focuses on how parents can break the cycle of codependency by learning to parent differently. However, you can use these strategies even if you're not a parent (or your children are grown).  You can apply many of these parenting strategies to yourself. Yep! Sounds strange, but you can re-parent yourself by giving yourself what you didn't get in childhood -- whether that's unconditional love, permission to express your...
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How to Set Boundaries with an Alcoholic or Addict


If you’re in a relationship with an alcoholic or addict – whether it’s your spouse, parent, child, or friend – you’ll find that setting boundaries is an essential component of self-preservation. Without boundaries, you’re likely to be consumed by the needs of the alcoholic or addict. Addicts don’t have boundaries; they take and take, often with little regard for the needs of others. Therefore, you are the one who...
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