Coping with Codependent Guilt

Guilt is the feeling that you’ve done something wrong.
Appropriate vs. inappropriate guilt
Sometimes guilt is appropriate. When you’ve truly done something wrong, you should feel bad about it. In such situations, feeling bad can motivate you...


Cultivate Resiliency and Learn to Weather Life’s Emotional Storms

As you know, life doesn't always go as planned! 

We all face adversities -- illness, financial problems, heartbreak, parenting struggles, natural disasters, and on and on. And since we can't always control what happens to us, the best we can do is learn to cope and build confidence in our ability to cope.

Resiliency is our ability to effectively overcome and recover from what life throws our way. And the good news is we can cultivate resiliency...


Dealing with Difficult Family Members: Don’t Justify, Argue, Defend, or Explain

Are you repeatedly drawn into conversations or arguments that seem to go nowhere? Do you feel compelled to respond to accusations that you know are false? Do you feel like you have to justify your behavior or choices? Do you have a difficult family member who picks fights or “gaslights”?
Codependency and unhealthy communication
Codependent relationships often feel “stuck.” Unhealthy communication and...

Highly Sensitive Person

How to Manage Guilt as a Highly Sensitive Person

How to Manage Guilt as a Highly Sensitive Person

How many times have you felt guilty when you were not able to offer support to someone in need or say yes to a request? Situations like being asked to socialize with coworkers after an overstimulating work day or drive a family member to the airport at...


5 Ways We Compromise Our Self-Worth and How to Rebuild It

Why do you feel unworthy?
So many of us feel unworthy. We feel like we’re not good enough, like we don’t fit in, and like we don’t matter. We’re overly self-critical, fixating on our flaws and failures. We think we need to be perfect and successful in order to have value.

For years we’ve believed the lies others have told us – that we’re unworthy. We get...


How to Cope When Your Child Is Addicted

How to Cope When Your Child Is Addicted
Addiction Can Take Over Your Life – Especially When Your Child is Suffering
When your child is addicted to alcohol or drugs you fear the worst.

Trying to help them becomes your new mission in life. You want so much to protect them from going down the wrong path, but you’re powerless...


How Do Adults Find New Hobbies?

Do you struggle to identify hobbies and interests?
One of my readers is working on self-exploration and getting to know herself better and wrote to me saying she's really struggling to identify hobbies and interests. This is very common! Many of us lose track of what we like to do and what our interests are because we’re busy raising a family, working, or entrenched in our codependency and people-pleasing.

Hobbies are...