8 Simple Steps to Ending the Sunday Night Blues

Who's looking forward to going back to work tomorrow? Nobody! I was lucky enough to have the last two weeks off. I like my job, but even so, I'm not looking forward to heading back to the office.

People don't like Sundays. And they really, really don't like Sunday nights. Sunday night means the weekend is over. It's time to head back to work, school, appointments, schlepping the kids around,...


The 6 Most Popular Perfectionism Posts from Happily Imperfect

I started writing the Happily Imperfect blog for Psych Central in September of this year. It's been such a great experience and I want to thank all of you, my readers. I am so happy to share my passion for overcoming perfectionism!

My goal in writing Happily Imperfect is to share helpful information, pose thoughtful questions, and create a community of like-minded folks interested in personal growth.

The blog primarily focuses on:

understanding and overcoming...


How to Relax and Enjoy Some Down Time

A lot of Americans get time off from work during the holidays. If you're working customer service or in another industry where this is your busy season, maybe you can tuck these ideas away for when you do get a break.

However, time off doesn't automatically result in rest and relaxation for many perfectionists and Type A personalities.
It's hard for some people to relax. Does this sound like you?

routinely work long hours
rarely sit down...


6 Ways for Perfectionists to Have a Happily Imperfect Holiday

We all know that the holidays can be joyful, but also stressful. Perfectionists can get caught up in the to-do lists, the decisions, and the planning. We may overthink all the details from the party menu to buying the perfect gift for everyone on our list. As people-pleasers, we are focused on creating the perfect holiday for our loved ones. We have high expectations of ourselves and others....


How to Cope with Loneliness and Grief this Holiday Season


This holiday season many of us will experience loneliness and loss. We usually associate grief with death, but we grieve a lot of other losses as well.

Some of the reasons people feel alone during the holidays include:

a break up or divorce
moved to a new community
estranged from or not talking to family
don't feel connected to or accepted by the people you are with
loved one is...


What Causes Perfectionism?

The root of perfectionism is believing your self-worth is based on your achievements
Perfectionism is often present when some combination of these factors exist:

Rigid, high parental expectations
Highly critical, shaming, or abusive parents
Excessive praise for your achievements
Low self-esteem or feeling inadequate
Believing your self-worth is determined by your achievements
Black-and-white thinking
Efforts to feel in control
Cultural expectations


The 6 Best Tips To Deal With Criticism

Nobody likes criticism, but some of us are particularly sensitive to it.
Do you take it personally if your boss tells you to be quiet during a meeting? Does it ruin your day when someone gives you a judgmental glare when your child throws a tantrum? Do you feel like a failure when a client rejects your proposal?

For perfectionists, criticism feels like your flaws are being exposed. You work so hard to conceal them,...


Sharon’s Favorite Inspirational Quotes About Perfectionism

Over the years, I have definitely worked at becoming less of a perfectionist. As I've mentioned previously, perfectionism can actually hold us back from taking chances, trying new things, and completing things. Perfectionism also tends to fuel criticism towards ourselves and others. And when we're focused on achievement and outward appearances, perfectionism can prevent us from being our true, authentic selves.

This week I gathered up my favorite quotes about perfectionism for you....


Expert Advice on How to Practice Gratitude All Year Long

This is the season of gratitude. Thanksgiving is a recognition and celebration of our blessings, but you will find tremendous benefit in practicing gratitude all year long. I'll admit, gratitude isn't always easy. Sometimes our problems, daily struggles, worries, and imperfections cause us to lose sight of the good in our lives. Gratitude shifts the focus from problems to positives. It doesn't mean our problems go away, but it helps to put...