Why We Abandon Ourselves and How to Stop

Do you have a hard time trusting yourself? Do you hide parts of yourself – your feelings, beliefs, and ideas – in order to fit in or please others? Do you diminish or discount your feelings because you think they don’t really matter?

This is self-abandonment.

We abandon ourselves when we don’t value ourselves, when we don’t act in our own best interest,...

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6 Things I’m Not Doing This Holiday Season


As Christmas and the New Year approach, it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy -- the sense that you must do more, spend more, be more. All of this pressure and unrealistic expectations can make it hard to enjoy the holidays fully. It keeps us busy and distracted from what matters most.



How to Cope with Difficult Feelings During the Holidays

My colleague Michelle Farris, LMFT wrote this new blog post about coping with difficult feelings such as anger and sadness. These are especially difficult feelings to have during the holidays when we're expected to be happy. I hope you'll benefit from Michelle's practical tips and ideas. How to Cope with Difficult Feelings During the Holidays
By Michelle Farris, LMFT
The holidays can be challenging when you’re not...

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6 Articles that Remind Us Why We Need Gratitude More Than Ever

Research has repeatedly shown that gratitude -- the act of being thankful and appreciative -- is good for your mental health. And I think most of us know from experience that practicing gratitude improves our mood and creates a more positive outlook on life.

But incorporating gratitude into our everyday lives can be hard. Sometimes we don't feel grateful. Other times we're worried about...


11 Relationship Red Flags and Why We Ignore Them

When a relationship ends or isn’t going well, it’s natural to reflect and wonder whether there were signs -- or red flags -- that your partner wasn’t a good match. You might find yourself thinking:
Did I miss something?
Were there signs that this relationship wasn’t going to work out?
Why do I keep dating the wrong people?
I had a gut feeling...


How to Protect Yourself from Family Drama During the Holidays

What’s the most stressful part of the holidays? Chances are it’s not the crowds, long to-do lists, or even the financial strain. My clients, friends, and colleagues resoundingly say that dealing with difficult family members and their over-the-top drama is the most stressful part of the holidays.
Who creates unwanted drama in your life?
For most of us, the holiday season means lots...