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How to Set Boundaries with an Alcoholic or Addict


If you’re in a relationship with an alcoholic or addict – whether it’s your spouse, parent, child, or friend – you’ll find that setting boundaries is an essential component of self-preservation. Without boundaries, you’re likely to be consumed by the needs of the alcoholic or addict. Addicts don’t have boundaries; they take and take, often with little regard for the needs of others. Therefore, you are the one who...
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Adult Children of Alcoholics

Can I Be Codependent if I Had a Good Childhood?

Codependency is usually the result of childhood trauma.  But many readers have written to me, confused because they’re codependent and had a good childhood.

“I don’t understand why I’m codependent. I’ve read your posts, but I didn’t grow up in a dysfunctional family. How did this happen?”

“Is it possible to be codependent if I didn’t grow up with an alcoholic?...
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