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Archives for April, 2017

mental health

Inspirational Quotes to Help You Know Yourself and Live Authentically

Many of our greatest thinkers wrote about the importance of understanding ourselves and living authentically.

But living authentically isn’t as easy as it seems. Starting in childhood, we’re told to cover up our feelings – little boys are told to stop crying and little girls are told to be quiet. Well-intentioned parents sometimes try to mold us into who they want us to be, rather than who we really...
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How High Achievers Can Build Stronger Relationships by Setting Boundaries and Embracing Imperfection

I’m surrounded by high-achievers. I live in Silicon Valley and it seems like everyone’s just launched a start-up company, bought a new Tesla, or their kid got into an Ivy League college. All this achieving is great – it drives innovation, solves problems, and fuels our economy – but it can also take a toll on individuals and their relationships.

I encounter people every day...
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Codependency and the Art of Detaching From Dysfunctional Family Members

Detaching is an effective way to cope with a codependent relationship or any toxic or dysfunctional relationship, whether it’s with an alcoholic parent, an addicted child, or a narcissistic spouse.

Detaching is the opposite of enabling because it allows people to experience the consequences of their choices and it provides you with needed emotional and physical space so...
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