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Archives for October, 2016


Journal Prompts for Codependency Recovery

Journaling or writing is a way of becoming aware of your feelings, processing them, and gaining clarity. It’s an especially good tool for people who struggle with codependency as two of the core tasks of recovering from codependency are to 1) understand yourself as a unique, whole person and 2) fully accept and love yourself.

I developed the following journal prompts especially for people who want to understand and heal their...
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How to Become More Resilient

Why are some people more resilient than others?
We all experience tough times during our lives. Some people seem to bounce back from adversity while others struggle, fall into depression, or permanently see themselves as victims.

Resilient people are able to recover from setbacks more quickly and thoroughly than less-resilient people.

The American Psychological Association identifies these factors in resilient people:

Have a support system that provides love, trust, and encouragement
The capacity...
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9 More Ways to Love Yourself

Over and over again, I see people struggling at work and in their relationships because they don’t feel worthy and lovable; they don’t love themselves. I’ve come to recognize that self-love isn’t selfish or strange or conceited. In my opinion, loving yourself is the cornerstone of good mental health. So, after writing 9 Simple Ways to Love Yourself, I decided it was...
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7 Effective Ways to Stop Overthinking


One of the symptoms of anxiety is “overthinking” or ruminating. People who overthink feel like they can’t “turn off” their brains. Once your brain latches onto a worry, it’s hard to break free of it. You can easily get caught in a thought loop where you replay every bad outcome imaginable. This, of course, isn’t useful. We all know that worrying doesn’t prevent...
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Overcoming Perfectionism

3 Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism and Accepting Yourself

We live in a culture of perfectionism. Open any women’s magazine or watch any TV program and you can’t escape the emphasis we put on looking, behaving, and achieving perfectly.

We’re an intolerant bunch that is quick to judge – ourselves and others – and notice when we don’t measure up to the unspoken measuring sticks of beauty, success, talent, and intellect.

We put the emphasis on doing rather than...
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5 Myths & 5 Truths About Codependency

I don’t love the term codependency. I think it’s often misunderstood. Some people find it a helpful description and others reject it because it feels blaming or inaccurate. Unfortunately, there isn’t another succinct way of describing what are commonly described as codependent traits.

In an effort to bring some clarity to the term codependency, I want to address some of the common myths about codependency.
Myth #1 Codependency means being...
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