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Archives for August, 2016


Why Space Between You and Your Ex is Good for Everyone

Clear boundaries with your ex create safe and healthy relationships with everyone involved - you, your kids, your new partner, your ex and your ex's family and friends.
If you are struggling to set boundaries with your ex post-divorce (or break up), chances are you struggled to set boundaries during the relationship as well. Whether you just separated or have been divorced for years, setting clear...
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I’m Just Not That Happy


I'm a student of positive psychology and big happiness promoter. I think we all deserve to feel good and find joy in our lives. But is there too much emphasis put on happiness these days? Do you ever feel pressure to be happy?

The idea that we’re all responsible for our own happiness and that happiness is a choice can be empowering.

It’s helpful to know that you can...
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How to Safeguard Yourself From Energy Vampires

Energy vampires suck the positive energy right out of you.
Do you ever feel like someone is sucking out all of your energy and smothering you with negativity? This is an energy vampire.

I first encountered the term energy vampire a few years ago when I read Judith Orloff’s book Emotional Freedom. No matter what you call these people, we’ve all encountered them. Energy vampires are those individuals who exude negative energy, drain you...
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Book Review: The Assertiveness Guide for Women

Reading The Assertiveness Guide for Women will help you identify your thoughts and feelings, communicate them effectively, and get your needs met!
The Assertiveness Guide for Women by Julie de Azevedo Hanks, is an essential read for women who struggle to assert themselves. Women are especially challenged by assertiveness as they're often socialized to be compliant and "nice". But Dr. Hanks takes a deeper...
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How Codependents Can Stop Enabling and Controlling

What is codependency?
Codependency is a dysfunctional relationship pattern. People who identify as codependent usually play the role of "rescuer" in a relationship with someone who is impaired, addicted, or ill in some way. Codependents are constantly trying to help, change, fix, or rescue. You derive self-esteem and purpose through helping. And in doing so, you become attached to people who have problems of various sorts and need to be...
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6 Ways Boundaries Can Make Your Life Better

Boundaries are rules or guidelines that you create to show others how to treat you. Relationships work best when we are clear about our expectations and needs. We can show ourselves and others respect by setting clear, consistent boundaries.

“[Boundaries aren’t] separation. Boundaries are not division. They’re respect.” – Brene Brown

Setting boundaries are a struggle for a lot of people. I’m not going to promise...
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