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Archives for June, 2016

Adult Children of Alcoholics

You Don’t Outgrow the Effects of an Alcoholic Parent

Alcoholism has a lasting impact on children.
Most of the adult children of alcoholics who I know underestimate the effects of being raised in an alcoholic family. Perhaps it's wishful thinking. Perhaps it’s denial. More likely it’s shame and simply not knowing that adult children of alcoholics (ACOAs), as a group, tend to struggle with a particular set of issues.

If you’re an adult child of...
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The Long Term Effects of Weak Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries is one of the most popular and important topics that clients and readers ask me about. Stefanie Flores, of The Focus on You, is equally passionate about healthy boundaries. We know boundaries are important, but why do we need strong boundaries? What happens when you don't establish boundaries? In her guest post, Stefanie explains the long-term consequences of weak or inconsistent boundaries.

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We All Need Compassion

I was finishing up today’s blog post, when I realized that wasn't the article I want to share with you today. Instead I wanted share a bit of my heart today.

Today we all awoke to shocking news of a devastating mass shooting in a gay club in Orlando. Like so many of you, I'm sad and upset. I especially feel for those of you who lost loved ones today.

If you’re a...
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How To Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success

What is self-sabotage?
Self-sabotage means you’re doing things to undermine your own goals. Self-sabotage can take many forms including:

Indecision and avoidance
Self-medicating with alcohol, drugs, food, pornography, etc.
Other unhealthy habits such as staying up too late
Denying your feelings
People-pleasing and comparison
Relationships that don’t support your goals because they tear you down emotionally or physically, don’t meet your needs, or distract you from your goals

People self-sabotage either by...
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Quotes to Inspire Healthy Boundaries


Boundaries are necessary. They're the back bone of all healthy relationships. That doesn't mean they come easily, though. For many of us, setting boundaries feels uncomfortable. We feel guilty and scared when we assert our needs.

I put together these inspirational quotes about boundaries to help you when you're struggling. I hope they remind you of why you're working so hard to take care of yourself and your relationships and...
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What’s The Difference Between OCD And Perfectionism?

I am often asked about the connection between perfectionism and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It’s actually a fairly complex question and one that realistically this article will only be able to address on the surface.

This article isn’t meant to diagnose any mental conditions and isn’t an exhaustive study of OCD or any other mental health problem. If you are concerned that you may have a mental health problem, please consult your physician or...
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