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Archives for May, 2016


Why Am I Always Expecting The Worst?

Anticipating catastrophe can't protect you from sadness and loss.
I notice a mole on my arm. It looks a little strange. Has it grown? Is it discolored? I keep looking at it and wondering. I think it’s definitely grown since last month. Perhaps I should Google “suspicious looking mole”. I'm sure it's cancer. It’s the worst form of cancer; Most certainly fatal. This is...
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10 Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting boundaries doesn't come easily or naturally to a lot of people, but  you can learn to set healthy boundaries.  I'm going to share ten tips that I find helpful.

In my last post, What Are Healthy Boundaries and Why Do I Need Them?, I told you about my friend Chris who struggled to set boundaries with his neighbor. Chris' experience demonstrated that we need boundaries in all of...
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What Are Healthy Boundaries and Why Do I Need Them?

Relationships need boundaries. A boundary delineates where I end and where you begin. It says this is how you can treat me.
What are boundaries?
Think of your boundaries like a property line. My friend Chris had a problem with his neighbor that perfectly illustrates how boundaries work. Chris’ neighbor would come into his yard and bring Chris’ newspaper from the driveway to his doorstep. She’d pick a few of Chris’ flowers along the way. Chris...
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Codependent’s Guide to Letting Go of Controlling and Criticizing

Perhaps your partner complains that you are critical and controlling. Or maybe you recognize these behaviors in yourself. Either way, you can learn how to let go of criticizing and trying to control your partner.

Criticizing and trying to control your partner are part of a codependent relationship dynamic. It looks something like this: You spend much of your time taking care of your partner. You desperately...
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Highly Sensitive Person

Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

You're such a cry baby!
I've known from an early age that I'm more sensitive than most people. I'm hard-pressed to get through a movie or church service without crying. Anything that sounds even remotely critical or accusatory causes me intense pain. Growing up, I was told I was too sensitive and I took things too personally. The truth is, I feel things very deeply.

It turns out some of us...
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Got Mother’s Day Guilt?

I never really liked Mother's Day.
For me, the early years of motherhood felt like one colossal failure. As a former perfectionist and people-pleaser, the pump was certainly primed for me to notice all of my short comings as a mother. I went into parenting already feeling defective and unworthy following years of infertility and neonatal loss.

Not surprisingly, all this “baggage” heightened my feelings...
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Book Review: 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise

Reading 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise can help you get motivated, build self-esteem, and heal your mind and body.
I was recently given a copy of 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise by Christina Hibbert. I was immediately excited to see it’s full of reflection questions, writing prompts, and action items. I’m a real self-help book junkie. I love to learn and improve myself. And...
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