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Archives for November, 2015


Expert Advice on How to Practice Gratitude All Year Long

This is the season of gratitude. Thanksgiving is a recognition and celebration of our blessings, but you will find tremendous benefit in practicing gratitude all year long. I'll admit, gratitude isn't always easy. Sometimes our problems, daily struggles, worries, and imperfections cause us to lose sight of the good in our lives. Gratitude shifts the focus from problems to positives. It doesn't mean our problems go away, but it helps to put...
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Overcoming Perfectionism

You’re Not an Insecure, Wishy-Washy Failure

I went to see the new Peanuts Movie last weekend with my nine year-old. Honestly, I wan't that excited about seeing it, but was pleasantly surprised that it was sweet, funny, and full of plenty of references to the original comic strip and TV specials.

Note: This post may contain spoilers for The Peanuts Movie (not that there is much of a plot!).
Do you feel like Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown and the rest...
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Overcoming Perfectionism

The 5 Real Reasons You Procrastinate

It seems most Americans struggle with procrastination at least occasionally. A simple google search will yield many promising solutions, and yet we still seem to be wasting time and regretting it.
Why do we procrastinate?

You don’t like the activity or task. If you perceive something as unpleasant, boring, time consuming or difficult, it makes sense that you...
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6 Big Problems with People-Pleasing and How to Fix Them

Kyle is a classic people-pleaser. He's been dating Lucy for four years and hopes to marry her. From the beginning, Lucy has been clear that she wants Kyle to attend church with her and finish college.  Kyle isn't particularly interested in church and isn't sure he even believes in God, but be attends every week. He flunked out of college in his freshman year and knows he doesn't want to go back. Instead of telling Lucy,...
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