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Top 10 Things that Overthinkers Hate

Top 10 Things Overthinkers Hate


Are you an over-thinker? Typically, over-thinkers struggle with making decisions, trusting their own judgment, relaxing and have high levels of perfectionism and regret.


I thought it would be fun to put together my top 10 list of things overthinkers hate. Here they are from least to most annoying.Top 10 Things Overthinkers Hate #anxiety #overthinking


10. Going anywhere new

New places and people kick up those fears of the unknown. If you don’t know what to expect, you’ll find more to worry about.

9. Choosing a new paint color

That wall of paint chips at the hardware store is completely overwhelming. What exactly is the difference between Antique White and Creamy White? They look the same to me. Or should I go with a green?

8. Waiting

Waiting in a line or for a call/text provides more time to ponder everything that might go wrong.

7. Product reviews

Whether it’s Amazon, Yelp, or Consumer Reports, those product reviews really aren’t helping you decide. The more reviews you read the more confused you get.

6. Social media

Yup, social media is a breeding ground for overthinking, insecurity and comparison. Use in moderation.

5. Web MD

If you’re prone to anxiety, Web MD or any other online medical site is not your friend. You may find yourself scrolling through possible diagnoses for hours only to conclude you’re dying.

4. Cryptic messages

Absolutely anything that isn’t spelled out in minuscule detail can escalate overthinking.

3. Cheesecake Factory menu

Have you seen that menu? It’s longer than some novels I’ve read.

2. Falling asleep

As soon as your head hits the pillow, overthinking kicks into overdrive. Sleep is like an elusive lover.

And the #1 thing over-thinkers hate is…..


Meditation is the exact opposite of overthinking (which is why it’s such an awesome antidote). But it you’re not used to it, sitting quietly and trying to clear your mind is crazy hard.

I’d love to hear which of these is your #1 enemy. Let me know in the comments.


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Top 10 Things that Overthinkers Hate

Sharon Martin, LCSW

Sharon Martin is an emotional wellness speaker, writer, and licensed psychotherapist. Her San Jose based practice specializes in helping over-stressed, high achieving adults and teens learn to embrace their imperfections and grow happiness. Her personal journey of overcoming perfectionism and people-pleasing traits, inspired her passion for this work. Sharon is the author of Setting Boundaries Without Guilt: A Workbook to Move You From Doormat to Empowerment. Sharon also enjoys teaching blogging and writing classes for therapists. You can find her on Twitter, instagram, and her website.

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