Happy Mental Health Awareness Month – 2010 Cartoon-A-Thon

I can't believe it! I've been doing the annual Mental Health Awareness Month Cartoon-A-Thon for 3 years.   You ask... What's a Cartoon-A-Thon? It is the biggest thing in the world!!!  Well, maybe just in my world.  I volunteer my time and effort to draw 31 cartoons for each day of the month in May (Mental Health Awareness Month).  It began in 2007 on my own blog, Started publishing in 2008 on another big blog network which will remain nameless, since I'm here at Psych Central.  Here (PsychCentral) is where the Cartoon-A-Thon should have always been... among friends and peers.  Here is a link to Mental Health Humor's 2009 Cartoon-A-Thon.

This year, I am drawing caricatures of 31 Mental Health Heroes.  Each day, I will attempt to draw them and post them on the website:

I started out with my personal hero... ME!  When I look back just 3 years ago, I was lost; had no hope and in the hospital from a suicide attempt.  It was my last call for help.


DBSA – 25th Anniversary Photos at Englewood Resort and Spa

What an Awesome week at the the DBSA 25th Anniversary Conference in Chicago!!! The Eaglewood Golf Resort and Spa was a bit Bipolar... It had its ups and downs! One of the ups I loved was my room!

Getting to it was another thing.  I had to walk the distance of 4 football fields just to get to my room! No kidding... FOUR!  I should have known cause a lot of other guests were upset, too.  Walking across the nicely trimmed green grass, I kept hearing other resort guests yell FOUR!  I mean, they were really mad... They even HAD CLUBS in their hands!!!

Anyway, the conference had so much going on that for a few moments, I had to take a "time out" of an event and just relax in my room.  Fear not, I will be posting a LOT of my highlights, videos, photos, and other unwanted stuff, here on my blog.

Going along with that, I wanted to share with you some photos taken by a few of my friends at the event.

By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

DBSA – I'm In The Comedy Show!!!

Still here in Chicago “celebrating” the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance’s 25th year of peer support.  It's the last night of  the conference.  I have so much information.  I've gone to so many lectures, breakout sessions and Key Note addresses -  my brain is about to melt!

Last night, I went down to watch the


DBSA-2010 POST- Chapter Leadership Forum

The day is over and now let me give you a quick review of the Chapter Leadership Forum.
Here is my Chapter Leadership Forum Evaluation.

DBSA Chato Stewart Stand-Up For Mental Health 2010 DBSA-post-CHAPTER-LEADERSHIP-FORUM_0001.wmv

DBSA-2010-pre-chapter-leadership-forum.wmv [DBSA] 2010 Conference with Mental Health Humor's Chato B Stewart. April 28th Flight Plan

By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Mental Health Humor is PSYCHED to be at Psych Central!

I am so PSYCHED to be at Psych Central!  But with all networks, there is a transition period.  To some "Chato B. Stewart" and the "Mental Health Humor" cartoons are new.

The first knee jerk reaction is who in the hell would make fun of people with mental illness!!! What a Jerk!!!  I agree 100%!!!

Fortunately, that is not what I'm all about.  My goal is to use humor as a health coping mechanism.  I truly believe humor is the best medicine.  Yet, we all have varying taste when it comes to our own sense of humor.  That is why I have my "Warning" above.

My mission is NOT to laugh at my peers but rather with them.   Here is a good example of BAD mental health health humor written by my Blog Buddie, Alicia Sparks, on her Psych Central blog, Celebrity Psyching. While Reviewing the movie, 

Chato B Stewart

Welcome to Mental Health Humor

Welcome to Mental Health Humor -- humor from the creative and always-interesting mind of Chato B. Stewart. We're pleased to welcome Chato to Psych Central, as he's been blogging elsewhere online for years, sharing his unique and funny perspective on all things mental health...


Mental Health Humor is now at Psych Central – There Goes the Neighborhood

I can't believe it been 10 year here at Psych Central.   I can not even begin to share how meaningful to be a part of this awesome network.  I feel reborn today and plan on make this year better.  Much love to you all!


Published Apr 23, 2010


The Mental Health Humor blog is not intended to stigmatize! While viewing the content of the blog, understand it is meant to be positive! Yet, we cannot please every one. If you find humor about mental illness offensive, then please do not view the blog.

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