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Ask Br. Bob Bob – I Gut The Power

Doctor Bob Bob, Some times I wish I could have a super power like my favorite super hero, Wonder Woman.  With my lasso of Truth I'd make my therapist tell me what she really thinks about me. I could then use my indestructible bracelets to deflect any thing I did not want to hear her say.  What about you Dov. What kind of super hero would you be?
Signed WW

Dear WW, There is only one HERO...

By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Beware of the Heat Wave – High Temperature, Humidity with Medications can Cause Heat Stroke

Living in Florida for almost 10 years, I'm more aware of the dangers of a "Heat Wave."  With high temperatures and humidity, everyone should be well-hydrated whenever they're out.  I always keep a gallon of water in the car just to keep me and the kids watered. This was not always the case.  When I started treating the Bipolar Disorder with medications, I ran into a problem a few times. What was that problem???  Hyperthermia, more commonly known as Heat Stroke!!!

4 UR Mental Health

4 UR Mental Health [3 Cartoons]


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The following cartoons touch on the challenges of talking to people about Mental Health issues.
As you can see in the first cartoon, broaching the "sensitive" subject (with the direct approach) is not always the best approach.  The 2nd cartoon gets to the "beef" of the matter, focusing on how sometimes we need to make sure people "understand" -- AKA are educated about the actual illness!  Leading me to the fact that any diagnosis is just a "label" and we shouldn't have to clown around and let it identify us!
I hope one of these cartoons brings a smile to your day!  Please feel free to express your thoughts and comments below, Thanks.


A Depression Survivor asked me – How Much Do You Exercise?

A comment from "depression survivor" on the post Which Came First — Obesity or Depression?? and [part 2] gave me a lot to think about! I want to say "Thank You!" and answer a question with a couple 'toons.
"How much do you exercise? For me being active daily, including intense exercise several times a week, is essential for both my depression and weight management. I also take Wellbutrin which helps with weight loss. I swim, walk briskly for several hours at a time, lift weights, and do machines at the gym. I personally believe that exercise is a powerful antidepressant in and of itself and well help you lose weight obviously. (and treat your metabolic syndrome)."
You are so RIGHT about the power of exercise to help reduce Depression!  I am happy to say I'm down 20 lbs... And I'm working on implementing a REAL exercise routine.  Here are a couple cartoons that I've drawn about the subject:

Ask Dr. Bob Bob

Ask Dr. Bob Bob – Vacation Of The Mind

Hope you had a good weekend! I initially posted this first cartoon on August 11, 2008. I think this "Bob Bob" is appropriate. It's a good fit for today -- the day after the long weekend! Hope you enjoy the others as well.

“Vacation Of The Mind”... what I’m thinking about during these long days of Summer is for us to be able to say, "you know what… I’m going to take a day off from my own insanity!"  A day where we don’t have to be reminded that we are sick or plagued by mental illnesses.  Yes, truly a day for us.

Some of us might not be able to go to the beach. That is why it is important to develop


Which Came First — Obesity or Depression?? [Part 2]

Continued from Which Came First — Obesity or Depression?? [Part 1]
Let's see, before I was depressed I was a big guy...but was that because I was depressed and did not know it?!  Since Ive been taking my meds, I've put on weight... In 2001, I weighed in at 230.  I got help late in 2003 and now in 2010, I maxed out at 383lbs.

Yes, I have been treating my depression and yes, I’m also dealing with Metabolic Syndrome. So, could controlling my Depression (by using various medications) in actuality be “causing” Obesity and Obesity-related diseases; not eliminating them?!


Which Came First – Obesity or Depression?? [Part 1]

Obesity and depression go hand in hand at times. Are they walking hand in hand in your life? What is the connection if any between Depression and Obesity? Which comes first, Obesity or Depression? Does it really matter to you?

A recent article in the LA Times written by Shari Roan highlighted some interesting research on the subject:
“Researchers at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, looked at data from a longitudinal study of more than 5,000 men and women ages 18 to 30. Over the 20 year study, participants’ waist circumference and body mass index were measured and they were asked about symptoms of depression.”

“The study found that that the waist circumference among the people who started the study with depression was about 1 inch larger than those who started the study reporting lower levels of depression. This was true regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, and education level. In contrast, those who started the study with higher body-mass index and waist circumference did not show a change in depression symptoms over time.”

Doctors Office

How Many Pills Do You Take Daily? [New Cartoon]

Are you like me?  I HATE TO WAIT! Even when I'm in a line and I don't have anything to do after I finish my errand... I still hate to wait!

Yes, we could explore the psychological affect behind the need to have my needs attended to before yours.  I'm sure it's part of a complex flaw I have that has effected every aspect of my life.  I was thinking about this a few weeks back, while I was in the "waiting" room at the Hospital Emergency Room.  As I was waiting, a person came in with very serious injuries and they whisked him off to the back for help....

That got me thinking about the waiting area at the behavioral health provider I go to.  Even when I set a appointment, I still have to wait between 25 to 45 minutes.  A few times, it was over an hour.  What if they saw you based on the seriousness of your condition?

Ask Dr. Bob Bob

Dr. Bob Bob – Peer to Peer Group

Originally posted August 25, 2008, this cartoon was considered a bit harsh, but, that's kind of the point with Dr. Bob Bob...being off the wall of reason, making you think a little about this subject.  Once again, the doctor was changing his look too... Here we see his head shaped more like a pear to fit the gag of a Peer to Peer group.  Yet, again Doc Bob Bob mangles up his perception of a peer group to convey his twisted ideals.
I posted this from the hotel in Tampa where I was able to bring my family to a much needed “working” or “studying” vacation.  I was just starting the first day of Recovery Peer Specialist training.

Bipolar Disorder

Top 5 Ways to find Out If You're Rapid Cycling

Are you rapid cycling? Here are my Top 5 Ways to find out.

#5 -  You love to ride your bike, but only over hills.
#4 - You try to use the elevator to adjust your mood swings.
#3 - You are so happy about getting a gift all you do is cry.
#2 - Your social calendar is broken up into 4 quarters around your moods.
#1 - You find yourself replacing your break pads every few months because you stop and go, stop and go, stop and go...

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

BP Gulf's Oil Spill puts Mental Health At Risk!

BP Gulf's oil spill oil disaster puts mental health at risk!  It's the 59th day since the The Deepwater Horizon oil rig, operated by British Petroleum, exploded and sank more than 50 miles from Venice, LA, causing the damaging oil spill.

This weekend, while BP CEO Tony Hayward attended a yacht race, thousands of gallons of oil continued to pour into the Gulf of Mexico!  Fear not, cause the proverbial "buck" has been passed to the new man in charge, Bob Dudley.

With all the oil comes death! It's estimated that "generations" of wildlife will be wiped out... not 1,000, or 10,000 but whole generations!! The loss of human life from the explosion and the loss of thousands of small businesses are leaning to a melting pot of trouble.
An article I read By Elizabeth Weise from USA TODAY titled, "Gulf oil spill puts mental health at risk, too" inspired me to pick up my pencil to express my own feeling about the spill.

Ask Dr. Bob Bob

More Than Half of All Prison And Jail Inmates Have Mental Health Problems

A study, reported on back in 2006, showed:
"more than half of all prison and jail inmates have mental health problems, including 56 percent of state prisoners, 45 percent of federal prisoners and 64 percent of local jail inmates, were found to have a mental health problem, according to a new study published today by the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)."
The findings are from 2006.  This makes me wonder how this report would look for 2010!  It is no secret that our prisons are filled with the mentally ill.  My question: how many would not have to be there if there was adequate treatment?!

Sexual Side Effects

Male Sexual Dysfunction, Is It Just in My Head?

Guys, we know the last thing we want to hear is...Erectile Dysfunction! I think for some of us that is worse then hearing we are mentally ill!  What is more of an issue is that many of the medications we might have to take have the dreaded "Sexual Side Effects."

Male Sexual Dysfunction is not just an issue because guys only care about sex!  Contrary to what many might think, it is much, much, more then sex!  Then again, any type of Southern Dysfunction becomes more about our individuality and our misguided minds; what we define our machismo masculine sexuality as. Yet, we guys like to protect that hemisphere from danger when ever possible from ALL Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.
What can be done if you are worried about Male Sexual Dysfunction?
According to Cory Silverberg, "Many medications come with sexual side effects. Sexual side effects of medication can include physical sexual side effects as well as emotional, and psychological sexual side effects. They can be temporary or long term, mild or severe. Whether a sexual side effect is common or rare doesn’t matter so much when you are experiencing it."

Ask Dr. Bob Bob

Ask DR. Bob Bob – Recovery

Chato B. Stewart says,"Recovery is not a cure, rather the ability to live our lives with balance and dignity. To be able see and have real hope."

This might be hard to conceptualize since not long ago, the only hope was in our hopelessness.  It takes real work, and there will always be bumps in the road, but we can do it!! We can have recovery!!  We just need to watch out for uninformed and uneducated friends/caregivers that just DON'T have a clue to what we need... Today's example of Doc Bob Bob really hits this point home.