Mid-Night Insanity

Midnight Madness: Now That’s A Sundae

The other Sunday... (oh, wait a minute, it was two weeks ago. My days and weeks get blurred a lot.  I think it's from the medication slowly killing off my brain cell...Yes, I said CELL... As in one... Ha ha ... Umm, not funny, cause it could be true.)

Two weeks ago I treated my family to a night out at Friendly's restaurant.  Here in Florida, there are not many.  This was more of a treat for my wife and I since we grew up on their ice cream and it was a hot spot during our courtship...Those were fun and cheap dates!!!

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InkBlot Test 004, What Do You See?: Mental Games [Video]

OMG did you guys blow the top off the Inkblot test comments last week! I was hoping we would get 20, but you guys just let the floodgates open... 86 Comments + 7 from Facebook and 4 re-tweets!!!  THANK YOU!!

This week's goal is to do 50 or more comments and have 25 Tweets.  Every one that re-Tweets this post will be entered to win a special Monthly PRIZE...So, hit that blue button at the end of this post...That is after you comment... :)

Make sure you check out Ink Blot #1 & InkBlot #2 & Ink Blot #3 after you comment below.

Since you gave more of yourselves this last week, I'm going to select 3 winners for today's giveaway.  I will give 3 away every week we have more then 50 comments on a new

2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

The Cartoonist Frame of Mind

The Cartoonist Frame of Mind is simple, you draw what you think is funny and hope others think it's funny too. It's said you must have a "twisted mind" to be a cartoonist, but I find cartooning real Oh, now I get why I find it so easy.

To me our moods...

Road To Recovery

September 11 Remembered

It's been almost a decade since terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, taking the lives of nearly 3,000 people.  Countless more were added to that number suffering from the after-effects; from early stages of cancer effecting first responders to those dealing with the toxic clean-up afterward.

The emotional tragedies from PTSD cannot be overlooked, neither can the suicides connected in many ways to that day.

I did cartoons for the window cleaning industry and I was at my drawing table when it happened.  As the second tower fell, so did my heart.  It would be almost 7 years before I would pick up that pencil once again.  So, every year, I take time to remember that tragedy and I place my pencil down to do that!


Eating Disorders of the Hungry Hungry Hippo

Did you ever play Hungry Hungry Hippos? If you can't remember, then you might have something wrong with your Hippocampus.

According to Wikipedia this "is a major component of the brains of humans and other mammals. It belongs to the limbic system and plays important roles in long-term memory and spatial navigation. Like the cerebral cortex, with which it is closely associated, it is a paired structure, with mirror-image halves in the left and right sides of the brain. In humans and other primates, the hippocampus is located inside the medial temporal lobe, beneath the cortical surface."

I can remember playing this game with my sister and younger brother and I know I enjoyed it.

4 UR Mental Health

InkBlot Test 003 What Do You See? : Mental Games [Video]

Here is our third InkBlot Test for our Mental Games category.  Make sure you check out Ink Blot #1 & InkBlot #2 after you comment below.  Last week, we had 19 comments! Let's see if we can beat that this week!

I want to CONGRATULATE DLS for winning our weekly giveaway...
Comment: "I see teddy bears"
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2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

5 Labor Day Weekend Tips To Avoid the Psychiatric Ward

Summer + Mania + Alcohol = A Dangerous Mix

5 Labor Day Weekend Tips To Avoid the Psychiatric Ward:

PLAN AHEAD - If you're going to visit family, then make sure you check your vehicle for travel. Check windshield wipers, fluids, radiator and cooling system.  Also, map out your route.  Know your way both in the daylight and at night.  (Places look different at night so, know your exits!)

2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Social-Networking Can be a Relationship Ender


Social-Networking Can be a Relationship Ender Caption:

Dear FaceBook,
I feel we have grown apart over the
last few months. You’re too clinging! Posting
on my wall, forcing me to comment so you know
where I am every second is just too much!
Always wanting me to be friends with everyone,
even people I want to avoid and don’t even like!
The constant...

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Tipsy Tuesday Ink Blot 002 Test Mental Games [Video]

TIME for the "Tipsy Tuesday Ink Blot Test Mental Games"!! Ink Blot #1 got some great answers!!  Also, everyone that left a comment is entered in my contest to win some cheap... I mean cool prizes!!  Hint, Hint, each time you leave a comment you will be entered too! (One entry per person per post.)

Last week a number of people saw:  Stingray, wolf, ant, horseshoe crab, and "little girl trapped inside… the middle" of the inkblot.

HERE IS my style of Rorschach INK BLOTS - Watch my video to see how I made the Ink Blots, then comment on them!!

Ask Dr. Bob Bob

Ask Dr. Bob Bob: The Rest of the Stuff

Dr. Bob Bob is still out of the office till September sixth - No I mean September 13, the sixth is Labor Day and the doctor TOLD me he can't he already has plans.  So, If I need to see him I should just call 911 and let them handle it...  Awah, good old Dr. Bob Bob.
P.S. Thank You for all the new questions... I'm glad to see you're having fun with them... Please keep sending them below.