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Top 5 Things To Do If You THINK You’re Depressed (Cartoons)

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Road To Recovery

Words Of The Wisdomless: Nothing More

Words Of The Wisdomless: Nothing More -

“A mental illness relapse is nothing more then a period of time that just didn’t go right. It’s nothing more to worry about, nothing more then a detour on the road to recovery.  All we need to do… is get back on our road and nothing more.” – By Chato B. Stewart How true.  We are on a journey... Yes, our destination might not be as tangible as visiting Paris for the summer; it is a destination nevertheless!  Living with any type of psychological disorder is like getting an open-end traveling ticket.  We know -- we want to go to recovery but how to get there is just not mapped out yet.

Ask Dr. Bob Bob

Ask Dr Bob Bob

I am happy to bring Mental Health Humor's own unprofessional series: Ask Dr. Bob Bob back to Monday's posts! Who is Dr. Bob Bob? Let me assure you, he is a figment of my imagination! No matter how much you tell me you've had a therapist just like him... He is only as "real" as you want him to be... Although, he does remind me of my first therapist! For example, he put me on a medication that you should not take more then 300mg a day... He put me on 600mg a day! When I ended up in the Psych Ward, he was baffled and asked, "WHY would you take twice the recommended dose?  Are you suicidal???"  When I showed him the prescription, he blamed me for confusing him... Huh??? OK, yes, Dr. Bob Bob does have some traits of those few who claim they're "professional" but in the end are nothing more than unqualified Psychotherapists.  Dr. Bob Bob will give the best... self-serving, unethical, bizarre, advice.  You could almost think it sounds like true questions and answers. To make the cartoon fun, each week I added a different question and look to Doctor Bob Bob.  Here are a few of the past Doc Bob Bob pictures...

Chato B Stewart

Mental Health Humor's Very First Cartoon as a Psych Central Blogger

It's been quite a while since I've drawn a NEW Mental Health Humor cartoon! Over the past year, I've been focusing on teaching myself how to draw caricatures for the Cartoon-a-thon (and waiting for the right opportunity.)  That opportunity came at the right time -- here at Psych Central -- our new home for the Mental Health Humor blog. As I mentioned in my last post, my biggest highlight was being part of the annual DBSA Comedy Show as a stand-up comic in the Stand-Up For Mental Health Comedy Show. It's been a month since the night I stood up on stage.  I even received an award that I'm very proud of...sitting on my desk!  This is the inspiration of today's cartoon.  (Poking a little fun at myself.)  Although, I don't really stand and hover over my so-called shrine like I do in this cartoon...Nope, I have my LAZY chair right next to it -- so, I can sit!!


What an AWESOME 2010 Mental Health Awareness Month Cartoon-a-thon!!!

What an AWESOME 2010 Mental Health Awareness Month Cartoon-a-thon!!!  First, I want to thank all the heroes from the bottom of my heart for being brave enough to let me draw them!!! We had so many Mental Health Heroes, I felt bad I was only able to draw 31.  I want to "thank" all the heroes for their support and for making this cartoon-a-thon such a success!!!  (Keep up the great work all make a difference!!!)  As I mentioned in past posts, I only started teaching myself to draw caricatures over the last year.  Mostly, from online resources and a few books.  I did take an hour class once but it was real basic; plus an hour drive. Let's review the month.  It started out in Chicago at the 2010 DBSA's 25th Anniversary Conference.  I was given an opportunity to be in attendance to some incredible lectures and workshops.  The event started out on April 28th with DBSA 2010 Chapter Leadership Forum, affectionately called "The Party With Our Peers." My three biggest personal highlights (besides just attending).. attending Scott Nychay's art therapy workshop...(He is a fellow cartoonist and Illustrator...well, there is a huge difference between our art styles... He is a professional.  I'm just a guy with a pen and some paper. Still, I hope the he and I can work together on a future mental health project!!)  The second and third highlights were finally meeting David Granirer - in person that is!! (He leads the Annual DBSA Comedy Show.)  My biggest personal achievement...being a last minute stand-up comic in the Stand-Up For Mental Health Comedy show.

Anger and Rage

My Wife, My Love, My Trigger

I received this comment on the post Five Steps to Overcoming Anger by W. Robert Nay, PhD. I was quoting the doctor's 5 steps. Then, I added my own twist with a few of my past cartoons. You make overcoming anger seem easy. When my spouse gets angry he gets loud and in my face, grabs me. I always keep a calm voice but it doesn’t seem to calm him down. I tell him to walk away and he won’t. He keeps repeating and belittleing me , our conversation gets nowhere. HELP - Comment on "Five Steps to Overcoming Anger" post. I replied: W. Robert Nay, PhD wrote the five steps. I quoted him and added my cartoons. I deal with rage and anger issues. When I snap, I get to a point where it is dangerous. I’ve never put a hand on my wife, but when I would yell, it would get scary… and that is putting it mildly.