2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Is Friday the 13th Anxiety Today Caused by Friggatriskaidekaphobia? [NEW Cartoon]

Black cats, broken mirrors, ladder underpasses and Friday the 13th are just Stupid-stition... I mean Superstition.  The only power they have is the power you give them!! So, don't let today "worry" you at all... Many people give Friday the Thirteenth too much power!!

Ya, granted they did make many movies about it with the same name... but Freddy is only dreamed up... I would not sleep on that.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia the Friday the 13th or

4 UR Mental Health

4 UR Mental Health: Life Of Chato [cartoons]

Over the years, I've made myself the subject of a lot of my mental health humor comic cartoons. Sometimes indirectly, by drawing situations or  subject matter/s I found funny!! Other times, directly... I just drew it about me.  In this gallery, you will see how I "see" myself as a cartoon.

The first cartoon is how I remember myself in me; it's no exaggeration!! I was a bit hard to handle...putting it mildly by using proper English!!  The rest of the cartoons are pretty much self-explanatory.

I hope you're getting to know me better through my toons!!  (When we read an author's book or look at an artist's exhibit...don't we learn "something" about the person behind the work?! )  Hope You Enjoy what you see and learn!! What do you reveal about yourself creatively? (either indirectly or directly?) What motivates you to find creative outlets? We all need "positive" coping skills to deal with many daily stresses, huh?!

2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Medication Mind Games: Red ROVER, Red Rover [New Cartoon]

Did you play "Red Rover, Red Rover" as a child?  I know I did!  If you are not sure what this game is then this cartoon will make no sense to you.  Let me explain the rule of the game... Umm, no, let me summarize it instead.  Two groups of children on opposing sides form a wall linking their hands.  Then one calls someone on the other side to run through the wall yelling... RED ROVER...RED ROVER... send (name) right over! If they can't break the link, then they become part of the opposing wall.

Well back in late January, I got an e-mail from one of my readers asking if I can "create a cartoon that says "Bipolar,

By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Ask Dr. Bob Bob [Gallery 1]

Dr. Bob Bob will be out of the office till September 6th.  That is the day we will unveil the NEW and IMPROVED Doc Bob Bob cartoon and all his silly advice!!  Until then, I will post all the past cartoons of mis-advice.  This is a gallery of cartoon images post thus far, in case you missed any of them.

By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Name That Phobia: Fear Of Balloons = Globophobia

 Fear Of Balloons


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I am AFRAID of... balloons!!! Notice the eyes in this picture of me blowing up balloons for my pre-wedding party (Engagement Party).  My future wife did not even know my fear then and there was no way I was going to tell her!!  So, I grabbed the dam balloons and did what I had to DO!

I have no fear of heights (Hypsiphobia). I have no fear of  snakes (Ophidiophobia). I don't even have Necrophobia, a fear of death. NOPE! My fear and phobia is balloons! 

2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Ode To The Caregiver

Woman: Look who it is!!!

Man: I'm doing my My best is all i can do!

Woman: Ya, but all you did was get out of BED!

Caption: We LOVE our With out them our beds would never be made.
Ode To The Caregiver
Ode to the Caregiver - Without you, I...

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Route 66 Tips for Proper English – Ain’t Dis Da Truth!

I received this e-mail the other day with some funny tips on Proper English and writing from a good friend!  I'm sure it has been passed around a lot, since it was fowarded to me and another 50 email addresses... Yes, he is one of those friends that just forwards stuff he likes.  Never saying hello or ever writing why he is sending it.  Well, other than writing in the Subject line, "you gut to see this"... OR " this is really funny."  When reading it, I got a bit of a chuckle because I'm sure my writing resembles a lot of it.

I thought I would do a little research on this list to see if I could find out where it originated. After a number of different searches, I found 3 sites. One attributed the list to William Safire's Fumble rules.   "William Safire compiled these quotes in his October 7 and November 4, 1979 "On Language" columns in The New York Times."

Are You Gullible? President Obama Is Bipolar, Now Entering Depressive Phase [BREAKING NEWS]

Are you gullible? I tend to see right through jokes and it's hard to pull a prank on me since I'm so cynical.  To the people that do catch me ticks me off!!

Well, here goes.  Mind you, the video below is a well executed prank declaring via the "Newsroom White House" that President Obama Is Bipolar, Has Entered Depressive Phase.  The video, released on August 17, 2009 from the FAKE Politics News Room, reported that Barack Obama was Bipolar.

I'm not sure of the comedy vs. the stigma, however, I did laugh a bit... But at first, I thought it was real!!  It wasn't till 27 seconds into the video I heard the word "onion news" that I knew this was a joke!!  The clip talked about Obama's health care and that he is now depressed. It has governmental-looking people giving you blow by blow socialism reports.

Yes, I like satire and fake news, but why does it have to be about mental illness...?  Well, you watch it and be the judge.

By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Quick Cure for Mental Health Blues – Gopher It!

Do YOU need a Quick Cure for Mental Health Blues? I say Gopher It! I found this old photo of me then other dayand thought I would share it with everyone.  The Gopher Turtle of the “Tortoises (family Testudinidae) live on land. They are medium to large with a large, heavy shell and stumpy feet. Gopher Tortoises are the only tortoises native to the United States and the only tortoise found in Florida.”

Ask Dr. Bob Bob

Ask Dr. Bob Bob: Agoraphobia, Mental Health Issues & Depression

Agoraphobia? Secret Mental Health Issues? GET to the POINT! These are the "taboo" topics Dr. Bob Bob tackles today!!
Perhaps you or a loved one can personally relate to these serious issues that may go unaddressed.  Many factors contribute to our over-all Good Mental Health!!  Identifying and changing habits that may "negatively" affect us is crucial. Are you or a loved one hiding at home?  From time to time, it is "productive" to examine our daily habits? How much time do we spend with objects vs. people we love?  Hopefully, Dr. Bob Bob will open some honest self-examination & positive dialog...share Dr. Bob Bob with family and friends as a conversation starter!!  A shared laugh breaks silence!!
Although I don't recommend following his advice!!!

4 UR Mental Health

4 UR Mental Health: What is mental health?

What is mental health?  The term itself has a stigmatic connotation to it referring more to mental disorders or mental health problems. The truth is, it's "relating to the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality" associated to both good and bad

By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Hey! Are You Over Medicated? (NEW Cartoon)

We live in a time where there seems to be a pill for One to medicate if you can't sleep and one to medicate so you can stay up.  From pain to happiness there is a pill! I wonder, are we living in an OVER medicated world? What are your thoughts on this subject? My 9 Favorite Over-Medicated Cartoon | Over-Medicated Cartoon 2| Over-Medicated...

Ask Dr. Bob Bob

Ask Dr. Bob Bob The Unqualified Psychotherapist Evolution

Ask Dr. Bob Bob The Unqualified Psychotherapist 's evolution and transformation started the day I posted it.   He started out as just a black and white cartoon, but as you can see with the three cartoons below he had a few changes over a period of two years.

In the second cartoon, you can see I added a little more life to the cartoon and in the last cartoon, Dr. Bob Bob came full circle.  His wacky, quacky advice is meant to fit his name.  The idea is to NEVER follow bad advice and Bob Bob is full of it!!