2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Social-Networking Can be a Relationship Ender


Social-Networking Can be a Relationship Ender Caption:

Dear FaceBook,
I feel we have grown apart over the
last few months. You’re too clinging! Posting
on my wall, forcing me to comment so you know
where I am every second is just too much!
Always wanting me to be friends with everyone,
even people I want to avoid and don’t even like!
The constant...

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Tipsy Tuesday Ink Blot 002 Test Mental Games [Video]

TIME for the "Tipsy Tuesday Ink Blot Test Mental Games"!! Ink Blot #1 got some great answers!!  Also, everyone that left a comment is entered in my contest to win some cheap... I mean cool prizes!!  Hint, Hint, each time you leave a comment you will be entered too! (One entry per person per post.)

Last week a number of people saw:  Stingray, wolf, ant, horseshoe crab, and "little girl trapped inside… the middle" of the inkblot.

HERE IS my style of Rorschach INK BLOTS - Watch my video to see how I made the Ink Blots, then comment on them!!

Ask Dr. Bob Bob

Ask Dr. Bob Bob: The Rest of the Stuff

Dr. Bob Bob is still out of the office till September sixth - No I mean September 13, the sixth is Labor Day and the doctor TOLD me he can't he already has plans.  So, If I need to see him I should just call 911 and let them handle it...  Awah, good old Dr. Bob Bob.
P.S. Thank You for all the new questions... I'm glad to see you're having fun with them... Please keep sending them below.

2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Sunday Psychology Cartoons: Uni-Polar Depressed Bear

Sunday Psychology Cartoons Uni Polar Bear
Caption: I'm Always Depressed, I wish I could be more like my brother, he's a Bi-polar bear

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Bipolar Disorder
Saturday I spent the afternoon with my kids at a pool party.  I really did not want to go, but I knew my 4 kids would have a great time so I went.  The family is very nice and generous and they have a 9-year-old girl that gets along with my 3 girls.

I'm not as social as I once was. I'm working on this by forcing myself to get out.

4 UR Mental Health

4 UR Mental Health and Mind Toons

I know a few in this gallery I've posted before but I could not figure out how to remove them from the list of mental health Psychology Cartoons so I just left them...

Have a good weekend, unless you come back and I've posted something new, then I should say welcome back. Make sure you don't miss any of the cartoons, join my list of cool people ( I'm cool let me in)
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By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Here is My Card: How Google views Chato

Today I did a little experiment on how my new blog is getting indexed. I wanted to see how Google views me and my cartoons.  It's said "you are WHO Google says you are!"

From time to time to gauge how Google looks at me, I like to search myself... I type in "chato stewart," and look what images are being indexed. I did a customized "site" search to see what images are indexed by Google and I was happy to see 125 cartoons and photos. What is the rank value of each image? I'm not sure, but if you do an image search for "chato" you will get a kick and good laugh when you see WHO is in the top spots....

Mr Potato Head

Saturday Psychology Cartoons: Mr. Potato Head

My kids love Mr. Potato Head!! I think we've had about 4 or 5 of them, and every now and again, I'll find a mouth or set of eyes around the house.

Here are 3 cartoons I've done with a Mr. Potato Head theme.  I know I have more, but where? Somewhere... they pop up now and again.  Or I'll just have to re-draw them.  Enjoy these Saturday Psychology Cartoons.

2010 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

South of the Borderline Personality Disorder [new cartoon]

Borderline Personality Disorder
They say the the only way to know your diagnosis is to KNOW your diagnosis! Sounds like double talk to me... Or does it?

We sometimes rely on other people to tell us what we are suffering from.  True, it's based on a flawed science.  Getting the right diagnosis sometimes can take years, all the while you're at the mercy of your therapist's opinion.  Taking all types of medications to prove his theory right or wrong.  I say his, because I'm really talking about med manager. 

By Chato Stewart of Mental Health Humor

Ask Dr. Bob Bob [Gallery 2]

Please remember Dr. Bob Bob will be out of the office till September 6th.

The NEW and IMPROVED Doc Bob Bob cartoon with all his silly advice will be back.  Until then, I will post all the past cartoons of mis-advice.  This is the second gallary of cartoon image posts thus far, in case you missed any of them.

Chato B Stewart

To My Wonder Woman; Thanks for the Good Deed

I was the recent recipient of a very kind act while food shopping the other day with my 3 girls!!  I wanted to THANK this unknown person.  However, I was not sure how.  So, I decided to send it to the "Letters to the Editor" at my local Sun Newspaper.

Today, it was published and I do hope our Wonder Woman sees it. Thanks again!!