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Specific Phobia: Fear of Balloons Helpful Relevant Solutions

Use of Humor to Fight Back the Fear of Balloons
Globophobia is the fear of balloons, it falls in the DSM-5 diagnostic under Specific Phobia (also known as simple phobias).  More Information about Anxiety Disorders 

As a cartoonist, tend to draw out a lot of feelings.  This has always served me well drawing the Mental Health Humor cartoons.  I can't honestly say every cartoon is gut-busting funny.  Many of the cartoons are bits and pieces of more than others.

Every Mental Health Humor cartoon about the...

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Specific Phobia: Fear of Balloons Helpful…

My Worst Balloon Fear Comes True
Love, it's a powerful thing!  Mix that with the fear of telling my wife-to-be that I hate, with a passion, the thing she loves (sorta) more than   Up till now, I've avoided balloon; time was up.

AFRAID of balloons or not, love makes you do strange things! Notice the eyes in this picture of me blowing up balloons for my pre-wedding party (Engagement...

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Parents Enforce No Cell Phone Day – Bonus

Chato Stewart Artist's Notes Bonus: 

The Mental Health Humor Cartoon #1804 Parents Enforce No Cell Phone Day - Look What Happened is really two cartoons rolled into one.  I wanted to try a split cell cartoon.  I thought I could go half and half to top and bottom, but I just ran out of drawing room.

The Joke (the gag) for the cartoon was simple, with an idea that gone are the innocent days of kids of today may have a bit more twisted ...

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

How Are You Sleeping?

Mental Health Humor: Sleepless Mind. Sleeping is one of the key factors in staying healthy.  We need to sleep to function optimally.  Sleep deprivation and insomnia and sleep issues contribute and compound health problems.

Why is catching a few hours of good, restful, sleep so hard? Do you...

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Take the New Year’s Resolutions Poll

The site YouGov is an online polling firm and recently had a survey of New Year's resolutions. About 1200 replyed across many social media platforms. I use some of their results to come up the some of the top common resolutions.

[polldaddy poll=9906817]

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Vote for all your favorite resolutions.

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Don't see your resolution...

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The Value Of A Caregiver

Are you caring for someone diagnosis (or undiagnosed with symptoms) of a mental disorder? Caregiving for the mentally ill requires skills and training.  But for many, if not all, caring for loved ones comes with no manual, no training, and a lot of time no choice!

This is an open...

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Memories: Tree Time

Good memories, this Mental Health Humor cartoon I drew a while back in December of 2013. I had the kids out shopping and we stopped at a health food store.

They had the best soup, I love soup, their Lobster Bisque was the best.

This is what...