- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Inflammation–Is it Connected to Weight and Depression?

I've been on a low-carb diet Keto...and my wife is seeing significant improvements in my depression. She says she feels loved, by me, again. It's not that I've stopped loving her, but my deep depression made it hard for me to express affection freely. The dark, bleak cloud of depression enveloped over my interactions torrentially.

The cloud has lifted and so has my mood. It's such a relief for me and my family.

My wellness plan always included psych medication. The first few years it was...

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, we're told to make lemonade. To make the sour palatable, we water down the lemon concentrate and add sugar or honey to sweeten. But I can only drink so much lemonade before the acidity gives me acid reflux.

When life is giving you nothing but lemons, it might be time to change your life.  Cut down the lemon tree grove and plant something else.

I want to do just that, have a control burn on my LIFE'S gameboard.  Not only are things going wrong,...

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Where Are They Now: Mental Health Hero: Crystal D. Choate

In this, "Where Are They Now?" We get a chance to catch up with 2012 hero of the Mental Health Heroes

Crystal D. Choate, Independent Mental Health Peer Advocate.

I love this quote by Crystal, she says,
I make myself laugh even when I don’t feel like it. It’s like an adrenaline rush. I focus on humour to lighten my life.” ~  Crystal D. Choate (2012)
Even though some years have passed since we...

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Creative Poetry By Chato Stewart – Trigger WARNING

Trigger WARNING: Suicidal Intent and Imagery  – Trigger WARNING: Referencing topic on Self-Injury (Self-Harm) or Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI).  

Early in 2004, I was having an issue with depression and it just got out of control. When my medications prescribed to treat my depression sent me into a hallucinogenic tailspin, ultimately landing me in the crisis stabilization unit.

Branded the date of the event permanently on forearm — my  "version of a suicide note" a reporter would call it later...