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- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Specific Phobia: Fear of Balloons Helpful Relevant Solutions

Use of Humor to Fight Back the Fear of Balloons
Globophobia is the fear of balloons, it falls in the DSM-5 diagnostic under Specific Phobia (also known as simple phobias).  More Information about Anxiety Disorders 

As a cartoonist, tend to draw out a lot of feelings.  This has always served me well drawing the Mental Health Humor cartoons.  I can't honestly say every cartoon is gut-busting funny.  Many of the cartoons are bits and pieces of more than others.

Every Mental Health Humor cartoon about the...
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- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Parents Enforce No Cell Phone Day – Bonus

Chato Stewart Artist's Notes Bonus: 

The Mental Health Humor Cartoon #1804 Parents Enforce No Cell Phone Day - Look What Happened is really two cartoons rolled into one.  I wanted to try a split cell cartoon.  I thought I could go half and half to top and bottom, but I just ran out of drawing room.

The Joke (the gag) for the cartoon was simple, with an idea that gone are the innocent days of kids of today may have a bit more twisted ...
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- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Take the New Year’s Resolutions Poll

The site YouGov is an online polling firm and recently had a survey of New Year's resolutions. About 1200 replyed across many social media platforms. I use some of their results to come up the some of the top common resolutions.

[polldaddy poll=9906817]

[polldaddy poll=9906818]

Vote for all your favorite resolutions.

[polldaddy poll=9906812]

Don't see your resolution...
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