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Weight-Loss: Mind – Body and Cannibalism (Part 1)

In this three-part series, I will discuss how weight loss affects the mind and the body and cannibalism… okay, I’m sure you understand cannibalism (no pun intended), but is is a tongue and cheek attempt at humor. Like what my son said once:  “I know Cannibals are good people, because inside of them they have the heart and souls of many people.

Yeah, my boy has the same twisted humor I do!  However, there is nothing funny about pushing 400 pounds.

March 10th marks a very special day for me. It’s  the 70th straight day I’ve been committed to changing my physical health.  NO,  I’m not “on a diet” – being on a diet only means you can go off a diet! Nope, what I’m doing and have been doing the past seventy days is to overhaul the way I eat. Rethinking proteins, fats, dairy and starches.  I’m finding out what works for my body. In 2003, I weighed 230 pounds – In 2010, I maxed out at 383 lbs.

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Weight-Loss: Mind – Body and Cannibalism (Part 1)

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  1. Hi , I find that cannibalism is very overated and that people are cannibals as we speak. They eat meat.
    Recently I have been on a diet I got from *************** and its free so far I have dropped 8lbs just by eating right.

    Not good enough as a comment to deem any juice… Come on Jack you can be more creative than that… No selling – just a honest comment and I’ll keep the url.. Sign your name + (one keyword). If you give a real meaningful comment and tweet this post. I may accept it and share some link juice with your site.

    • Dont Have Twitter Boss , Just sharing some info thats free thats all sorry if i offended you

      • Not offended Jack… I’m just using you as an example so that all the scarpers and black’hatters searching for a free backlink to weak sites at lease leave a comment worth reading. You just happen to leave a spam comment hoping for a back link in the wrong format… LOL Here is a little tip – any time you post a URl in your comment on this network it automatically gets flagged and get tagged with nofollow. It best to leave a real comment of 100 words or more about the subject at hand. No worries mate.

  2. Hey great insight into the importance of the mind and the struggles someone may face in the pursuit of the happiness that a healthy body can bring.

    • Thank You Neil – and for not spamming me with some generic comment. I will not delete your comment or url for your one page blog/website. Instead I will give you some of my AWESOME link juice for your linkwheel to your diet solutions site. 😉

  3. Great insight into the importance of the mind. We need to be disciplined in dieting and exercise too. Fadting is another best method but do not fast for more than 12 hours.
    For more info, please email me anytime.