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Need A little Validation Today? Try Pizza Validation!

Not only did Punxsutawney Phil NOT SEE his shadow, but apparently he’s basking in the sun and enjoying one of the warmest Winters on record.

Having such a warm winter can wreak havoc with our moods. One day it can be bitterly cold and feed into your Depression. The next day it could be lovely and sunny and trigger a little hypo-mania. These micro disturbances and our moods do not just affect us, but our relationships can be pulled to the breaking point!

It’s times like these when a little Pizza Validation can go a long way for a good mood.

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Chato: {looking through the peep-hole}

Validation: Holding Pizza

Caption: Pizza Validation

This is my very first full-color 18″ x 20″ cartoon I drew and colored with illustrator’s markers.  I drew it for an art show that should be happening in the next few months.

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Need A little Validation Today? Try Pizza Validation!

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