One thought on “Do You Question If You’re Experiencing Mental Health Recovery?

  • February 5, 2019 at 2:46 am

    Hi my name is Jane I’m 52 years old I’m going to start writing my book with things I’ve been through a lot has happened to me at the age of 5 I got ran over and was very ill in hospital. One night I was a sleep it was late as it was very dark outside. I woke up to the a males voice he whispered my name I screamed that loud I must have woke a lot of ppl there, I could not understand where it was coming from as it was just children on the ward. This continued every time I was left alone my mum was scared for me as this was going on for another 5 years. She could not understand what was happening to me and it upset her too, so one day when I was 10 years old my mum took me to see a specialist doctor sorry I can’t spell the name.They put me into this room to observe I remember it like yesterday the room was full of toys and didn’t play with any I just sat on the step on the other side of the door. All I wanted to do was get out of there and not be left alone the doctor spoke to mum and said she could turn out to be Psychic later in life. Please read the rest of my story before you make up your mind, I moved to a seaside place back in 1989 and we started a new life myself my mum step dad and his mum my step grandma. I worked in a factory and made some great friends one lady and we are still friends on fb now. She moved jobs and I didn’t see her for a good long while, then one day out of the blue I walked into a shop and she was a manger there she told me that someone was talking about me to her. I said who and she said the spirit world said my name as she use to go to the spirirtlist church but that time I’d forgotten what she said and moths later she said it again, this happen 3 times and I started to think there has to be something in it for them to tell me 3 different times. So I looked into it and now I’m a Psychic medium that does readings all over the world from my laptop. I also got abused but family members 5 family members and 2 others two and stuffed demestic violence with my ex husband . My head was in a very bad place and I nearly got my 4 children taken off of me but I thought so hard to keep them and now I’ve not got an mental health issues now and my life so much better, I don’t have much support only the counselling I see for the abuse I stuffed as a child and I’m working on the too. I’ve been told about a booked called you can heal your life by Louise Hay she sold 50 million copies and thus too has help me to heal too. So for all the trama I went through even breaking lots of bones I’m still standing strong here telling you that we all have the strength to work things out and get better. I’m me the person I am today that no longer looks back xxx


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