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* Mental Health Humor

#PokemonGO Famous Child Actor Being Harassed By Players

"Pokémon Go AWAY, It’s Pokémon, I’m Pokey, Man" – Say’s Gumby’s pony pal Pokey.

Pokémon Go is a smartphone game App that is catching on like wildfire; it is engaging, addictive and fun to play. Many are even reporting the #PokémonGo is helping players with their mental health issues such as with moods, social anxiety, and even depression.

Nevertheless, the famous child actor from the ‘50's says his life is non-stop harassment and torment since the game has become popular and gone viral.

Pokey is even...
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- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Living With A Diagnosis and Empathy

Living With A Diagnosis and Empathy
Mental illness is serious. We need the courage to survive ANY Mental Health diagnosis. It's hard to understand, for some, the depth of compassion along with empathy, each mental health survivor/peer have to be Empathic Leaders.

Nevertheless, it's always reassuring to...
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2011 Mental Health Humor Cartoons

Melon-Headed Father

Lobster: You are not like your Melon-Headed Father! You must find your our own Porpoise!

Title: Deep Wisdom
My wife did not get this joke.  Well, not until I told her about the Genus Peponocephala electra also called the Melon-headed Whale. Don't let the term "Whale" throw you off; melon-headed whales are a dolphin species sometimes called by other names like "many-toothed blackfish" and "electra dolphin."

They are usually found...
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