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Chato B Stewart

Name That Phobia – CoCoPhobia

From Wikipedia: Cocophobia: Fear of Conan O'Brien's Monologue making any
Today on Facebook, I got a message from the Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco page:

We've got some of the most creative fans around - and we want to harness that awesome talent! Make something awesome that's Conan related, add it to our
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Mr Potato Head

Why Do I Have So Much Inner Hate, Self-Loathing and Low Self-Esteem?

Mr. Potato Head: Why Do I Have So Much Inner Hate?
In therapy this week, we broached the subject of my self-loathing.  Although it's not the correct terminology since the term "self-hatred" or "self-loathing" is more often refereed to by psychologists and psychiatrists who would usually describe people who hate themselves as "persons with low self-esteem."

Self-hatred and shame is a large factor in my mental health diagnosis. One...
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