Sabotaging Depression

Wow, Tommy you survived another year! Do you want me to get the Farms Meds? Turkey Sabotage Reasons Why You Could Be Depressed For The Holidays image

Depression has its triggers. Some of us get depressed around certain times of the year or on certain dates. An undealt with and an unpleasant traumatic past event can resurface at a seemingly pleasant time.


No Food Fights, Please!

Some of us, here in the States, is thinking about food today. What to eat and what not to eat: an important consideration, huh? Please, no food fights today!:)

Let’s be grateful we have food!


Snap to It!

Black Friday and NEW Moon Empty Bank Account

Snap to it! It’s Black Friday. New moons and new days to shop. Many of us are looking for deals on items we require. Yeah,