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Inflammation–Is it Connected to Weight and Depression and My Mood?

Imbalanced Inflammation” was what got me thinking about any connection to weight gain, my Depression and my mood.  The more I read, the more I learned and the more questions I feel got some answers.  But, the Mental Health Humor cartoon is all about the term I found funny called “Imbalanced Inflammation.”  It just had me thinking of a Seesaw and a matchstick to show “Inflammation”.

IF A Diet Can Fix My Diabetes, then Maybe It Can Help My Mood.

I’ve known food had an effect on my moods but it was always a negative effect. Could eating better really have the opposite and positive effect on my mood?  Most of my diet changes never lasted more than a few months.  To really see if my diet could have a good effect on my mood, I would need to stick to it for longer then three months. But up until recently, that was almost impossible for me.

It wasn’t until I started the Keto diet that I truly noticed how my new semi-healthy diet was impacting my mood and depression. Before Keto, I was not eating an unhealthy diet. In fact, for years, I was on a Diabetic diet to try and get my sugar under 300. The diet had limited positive effects on my mood when I could stick to it. Sticking to it was harder and I would fall into bad eating habits with every depressed feeling.

You know the old adage: I eat cause I’m depressed and I’m depressed cause I eat…life coping routine.

Doing the Keto diet was my last chance to correct my Diabetes before I would be put on insulin. My A1C was pushing 11, and my average number was in the low 300s to 400s even while on two types of medications.

One month after starting the Keto—my A1C went down to 8—six months later my Doc joyfully declared: “I was no longer Diabetic!”

Perhaps, my inflammation is down and my mood is UP. The sun’s out for now. Yay for me, my wife, and my family.

What effect does Inflammation have on our body?

I was recently reading an article that said that inflammation is linked to all illnesses. As I read, the article linked inflammation with weight gain.

I thought well then I just need to stop or reduce the inflammation and it should support weight loss. Inflammation is connected to insulin resistance.  So that can help with blood sugar.


Interesting reading:

Even outside of the pharmaceutical realm, curcumin, a bioflavinoid in the Indian spice turmeric with elaborate anti-inflammatory mechanisms, was recently found to be as effective as fluoxetine (Prozac), at a dose of 1 g daily, in small a randomized study (Sanmukhani et al, Phytother Res 2013, online ahead of print).

While not yet rigorously studied, anti-inflammatory diets may also play a significant role in reversing mood and anxiety symptoms. Perhaps the greatest leverage comes from elimination of gluten-containing grains. A significant proportion of celiac patients suffer from depression and neuropsychiatric disease (including OCD and ataxia), possibly related to greater intestinal permeability, local and systemic inflammation, and immune complexes that compromise blood-brain barrier function. When patients with celiac disease are maintained on lab-standard, gluten free diets, these symptoms frequently improve (Jackson et al, Psychiatr Q 2012;83(1):91–102).

Case reports have been in the literature for over a decade describing dramatic clinical benefits from dietary modification, particularly from low carb (<40 g daily), high natural fat, moderate protein or “ketogenic diets” (Phelps JR et al, Neurocase 2013;19(5):423–426). Probiotics may also serve to enhance anti-inflammatory effects and self-nonself recognition patterns, while diminishing intestinal permeability and modifying behavioral symptoms such as anxiety (Messaoudi et al, Br J Nutr 2011;105:755–764).

I think I’m in need some good anti-inflammatories.

Dig Deeper: Fire in the Mind: The Depression-Inflammation Connection

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Inflammation–Is it Connected to Weight and Depression and My Mood?

Chato Stewart

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