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Strange But Useful Medication Side-Effects Over-Medicated

Walking In The Shoes Of Medication

Think back to the day when you first received the real clinical Depression diagnosis. Not a guess that we’re depressed or taking a test online, or just thinking that we could have depression…We were not bummed out or blue or melancholy for a few hours or even a day or week.

No FULL on deep hopelessness – worthlessness- uselessness.  A deep-dark Depression that is weighing you down like a ton of bricks on your back.  It can last for weeks, months, even years like a scab that won’t heal oozing green pus. You just want to scratch the hell out of it, but nothing seems to heal it.

Sooner or later we are given two options: medicate or not medicate.  For many, we might have lived in denial for years or for fear of being perceived as being weak.  (If you’re still not sure why not take a test: All of Psych Central’s quizzes )

We may have tried all the natural ways, at the time, to deal with the mood swings but found that too was only talking the edge off.  Other not-so-natural ways helped but then that was only self-medicating and causing more problems.

Walking In The Shoes Of Medication

For many, it is a no-brainer to go right to medication for depression. The logic is you’re sick, take a pill.  The problem is among the same group, many may try a quick jump off that medication band-wagon if they feel like any of the common side-effects are bugging them.  What ends up happening is they don’t get the full strength of the “pill” and it’s hard to gauge its effectiveness vs the mild side-effects that normally subside.

For others taking medications or a pill is the last thing they would ever do on earth next to breathing air.  While there are many things we can do to circumvent our need for medication… The medication option will always be on the table.  But here are some of the natural common-sense ways we can have a positive effect on our mood.

The following is a short list with no specific guidance on what, from my point of view, can have an effect on medication:

  • (Mind) Laughing – Reading – Math – Puzzles – Games
  • (BODY) Exercise (strength, aerobic exercises or cardiovascular)
  • (CORE) Having a good diet for Optimal Nutrition
  • (BIO) Environmental toxins – i.e. cleaning chemicals
  • (TOXIC) narcissistic non-supportive negative people

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Chato Stewart

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Strange But Useful Medication Side-Effects Over-Medicated

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Walking In The Shoes Of Medication

Chato Stewart

Chato Stewart has a mission, to draw and use humor as a positive tool to live, to cope with the debilitating effects symptoms of mental illness. Chato Stewart is a Mental Health Hero and Advocate. Recovery Peer Specialist board-certified in Florida. Chato is the artist behind the cartoons series Mental Health Humor, Over-Medicated, and The Family Stew - seen here in his blog posts. The cartoons are drawn from his personal experience of living with bipolar disorder (and other labels). [email protected]

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