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Daily Doodle For My Health

I had a goal to try and do a Daily Doodle for 2017. I had my heart set on it and even bought a URL called  I got the URL for .99 cents for the first year–so it was not a huge money investment, just time.

My commitment was from a good place, and I want to believe you understand what can happen to good intentions.  Many of us plan to change and do and also to start the year off right. Well, I think I posted 8 Doodles.

Living with my mood swings connected to symptoms of bipolar disorder, sometimes I have a habit of negatively overthinking situations.  Drawing a doodle on paper, a magazine, envelope or even a napkin always helped me refocus some of that negative thought… into something goofy, a nonsensical illustration or cartoon.

Sometimes I’m able to get whimsical and creative ideas for cartoons as I doodle.  Other times a doodle is just a doodle to get my mind focused on the line, the ink, and the paper.

When my mind is cluttered I will doodle.  I will try to tell myself: one line, one curve, one angle repeat. One line, one curve, one angle repeat. One line, one curve, one angle repeat.

I want to try and Daily Doodle in July.  It’s 31 days and I will on someday, just post and add some notes about it.  Keeping it really, REALLY simple…setting a goal I can reach. LOL

Yes, July I will daily doodle for my Health.  My parameters are simple: draw what comes to mind. Focus on a feeling and doodle it out…No color, just black and white images.  I want to also try to add a time limit of 20 minutes max (something new). No, this will not be  Zentangle, or “Tangle” but some principals apply and I may do a few of my own patterns.

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Originally Posted at Chato Stewart’s Mental Health Humor at Psych Central:

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Originally Posted at Chato Stewart’s Mental Health Humor at Psych Central:

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Daily Doodle For My Health

Chato Stewart

Chato Stewart has a mission, to draw and use humor as a positive tool to live, to cope with the debilitating effects symptoms of mental illness. Chato Stewart is a Mental Health Hero and Advocate. Recovery Peer Specialist board-certified in Florida. Chato is the artist behind the cartoons series Mental Health Humor, Over-Medicated, and The Family Stew - seen here in his blog posts. The cartoons are drawn from his personal experience of living with bipolar disorder (and other labels). [email protected]

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