TAX DAY, No other day during the year causes more people more symptoms of Mental Health Issues.  It should be the real Mental Health Awareness Day!

On Tax Day, I believe no other day during the year does anxiety affect more people. Yes, within a 24 hour period, some will have clinical symptoms with stress often at the boiling point.

Added stress from holidays or religious celebrations can affect people much the same as tax day stress. The difference is today, Tax Day impacts everyone! No one is left out…it’s like a mental illness; tax day does not discriminate.

On Tax Day, many people are overwhelmed due to unhealthy levels of stress, crippling fear, and anxiety on tax day (income tax filing deadline April 18). It can lead to sleep issues, heartburn, digestive disorders, and many other physical pains. I’m not even going to talk about the many financial stressors.  Even if we’re getting a refund.  Yes, getting money back there still could be endless worries.

It is a no-win day filled with worries how about to pay or how long to wait till we get paid…in short, – MONEY- is a huge STRESSOR!

What can we do now and keep doing to help keep this stress in balance?

Things To Do If Taxes Have You Stressed Out?

  • 1. Plant a garden.
  • 2. Visit a bird sanctuary.Pain Red Tailed Hawk Birding
  • 3. Picnic at the park.
  • 4. 5 minute classical/instrumental music breaks. Enjoy 432 Hz nature sounds.
  • 5. Go for a walk (on the beach/in a park/or down the street).
  • 6. Pet your favorite kitty or doggie.
  • 7. Make a gratitude list each day of at least 5 things you’re grateful for each day.
  • 8. Pray/ Read the Bible daily.
  • 9. Paint a picture outside in nature.
  • 10. Read a book under a tree.
  • 11. Exercise for 10 minute spurts throughout the day.
  • 12. Prepare taxes early next year and file and pay on time.
  • 13. Journal each day about what is causing you stress and let it go.
  • 14. Smile and make a new friend.
  • 15. Organize your closet.
  • 16. Hand make a gift for a friend.
  • 17. Do a crossword puzzle or word search.
  • 18 Read an uplifting poem.
  • 19 Write an uplifting poem.
  • 20. Singing a happy/positive song out loud helps.

When this list fails, You can ALWAYS request an automatic extension of time to file your taxes. Forbes says “about 10 million taxpayers” last minute procrastinators file for extensions each year…Ten million and one.

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