In today’s Mental Health Humor, I wanted to do a little wordplay with number two.

Here the mother is neglecting the child and is a bit preoccupied with her wet fingernails.  Maybe she is a bit narcissistic who knows, but she put her child second to her own need or wants.

The child is discouraged they failed to win first place or be number one… this does not seem to phase the mother.

Then I think, am I okay with not winning?  Does that mean I settled for second place?

I want to win and I want to do my best, but I’m also not going to go all out for every little thing.  I want to pick my races, pick the battles. Battles and races I train, prepare for that which will give me that best chance of winning.

Now, only if I knew what those things were, I would start training…ah, till then I will have to wait.

Can you remember any sports/academic losses? Any times coming in 2nd place helped you?

Leave a comment below and share your wisdom.

Chato Stewart

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