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The World’S Largest Chocolate Rabbit

Guinness world record Chocolate Rabbit is set at 9,359.7 pounds (4 tons)

It took nine professional chocolatiers eight days to sculpt a rabbit weighing in at 4 tons. The delicious giant was achieved by Equipe da Casa do Chocolate built at the Shopping Uberaba, in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil, February 25, 2017.

What was less shocking is that the world’s largest chocolate rabbit was devoured in ONLY two hours and mostly by teenagers and children.  

Now that is a whole lot of M & W’s!!!


Maior coelho de chocolate do mundo pesa 4 toneladas e levou 7

Story image for achieved by Equipe da Casa do Chocolate at Shopping Uberaba from UOLUOLFeb 26, 2017
A comilança aconteceu no Shopping Uberaba, no município mineiro de mesmo nome, distante 475 km de Belo Horizonte. … Trabalhando dez horas por dia, a equipe de cinco pessoas da empresa Casa do Chocolate, coordenada pelo cake designer Fabiano Miranda, montou o coelho de chocolate em …


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