Do I have a balloon Fetish or do i just Love Balloons

Use of Humor to Fight Back the Fear of Balloons

Globophobia is the fear of balloons, it falls in the DSM-5 diagnostic under Specific Phobia (also known as simple phobias).  More Information about Anxiety Disorders 

As a cartoonist, tend to draw out a lot of feelings.  This has always served me well drawing the Mental Health Humor cartoons.  I can’t honestly say every cartoon is gut-busting funny.  Many of the cartoons are bits and pieces of me…some more than others.

Every Mental Health Humor cartoon about the Fear Of Balloons links directly to my turbulent childhood.  And while this is a bit of a strange fear,  I guess you could say, drawing about the fear of balloons deflates fear out of balloons.


Chato Stewart

The The Etymology of Globophobia – Fear of Balloons




One of the best things I did (and still do) is to think of how people try to get over their fear of spiders.  I just apply the tools to my needs.  For example, here is a list I adapted from the fear of spiders, you may want to try.

  • 1. Look at spider Balloon pictures
  • 2. Watch videos of spiders Balloons
  • 3. Hold a toy spider (deflated) Balloon
  • 4. Visit a spider exhibit party store at the zoo mall
  • 5. Go outside and look for spider Balloon
  • 6. Capture Buy a spider  balloon and watch/pop it
  • 7. Visit a friend with a pet spider
  • 8. Look at the spider with the top off (if safe of course)
  • 9. Watch the friend feed the spider
  • 10. Watch the friend handle the spider

Ok, 7 to 10 don’t apply.