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Balloon Phobia Is Worth Treatment

Fear can be helpful, I agree.  A lot of what I read about specific phobias include some form/type of exposure, or facing your fear (or the object of the fear).  Unless it triggers unhealthy anxiety or panic attacks or other physical issues.

  • Bought bags of balloons just to hold, feel and smell – to get over the fear. (non-inflated)
    • I fill half-way balloons — very hard to pop and allow me to hold and squish it and feel safe.
    • I fill balloons up with water and toss to catch them.
    • Having a water balloon pop is not loud and is fun to intentionally throw them.
    • I then fill the balloon with water until they burst.
  • Blow up balloons with air then intentionally pop them.
  • Once I got used to holding the balloon, I would intentionally POP it–trying to take the control back.

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In time, my fear of balloons became manageable. Even had many balloons at my wedding.  Is it gone? No, I will still jump a little more than the average person if I hear a sound/noise like a balloon popping…a car back-firing.

One thing I find myself doing today is if I see a balloon, I mark it in mind as something that will soon pop.  I try to tell my self to expect the pop.  And when it does pop, as it always seems to do whenever it’s around me, I try not to jump so much…or try not to be too noticeable when I flinch.


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