Do I have a balloon Fetish or do i just Love Balloons

My name is Chato Stewart and I am afraid of balloons!  This fear has affected my life since I was a toddler. The ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ (at this point) don’t matter too much.  From as far back as I can remember,  my fear may be connected to some childhood traumatic experiences compounded by childhood trauma.

Is Balloon Phobia Worth Treating?

FACT: My Fear of Balloons is a real! Is it a phobia? Or just a fear?

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What are we really talking about here?

The DSM-5 diagnostic code for Balloon Phobia might fall under Specific Phobia.

300.29 for a phobia towards an animal (e.g., spiders, insects, dogs), natural environment (e.g., heights, storms, water), or blood-injection-injury (e.g., needles, invasive medical procedures).

300.29if the phobia is situational (e.g., airplanes, elevators, enclosed places) or other (e.g., situations that may lead to choking or vomiting; in children, e.g., loud sounds or costumed characters). ~ DSM-5

I’ve written about what I believe triggered the deep-seated hair tingling cringe about this rubbery vile airbag.  Read why I would shrink in fear in the post ‘What Does The Fear Of Balloons – Globophobia Feel like?

Dig Deeper: You can read @ChatoBStewart balloon story below:

What Does The Fear Of Balloons – Globophobia Feel like?

When I was a boy after the ‘event’ I would have intense and irrational fears around these inflated devil balloons. The larger the balloon, the more extreme the fear! Gosh, forbid if you have a few dozen in a balloon bouquet!!!

Yes, this leads to a lot of meanness–pushing the fear in my face, literally, watching me freak out.  While water balloons never bothered me. However, any other inflated amoeba balloon gave me the willies to such an irrational point it was overly bazaar.

Not only would I avoid stores that sold party goods in fear they may have floating balloon bouquets to be sold or waiting to be picked up… But I would avoid the shopping center completely.  I would avoid parties or call ahead and ask if they would need any cake or food or if they needed me to bring anything, or if they were going to have any balloon decorations.

The fear of any balloon popping made me anxious.  When it did pop, I had a physical reaction of leaping out of my skin then would have an emotional fit. Overwhelmed by psychological torment that somehow triggered bad memories. If I heard a loud noise, I would jump so violently…balloons were the worst cause you know they could pop at any time, and just when you thought you we were good…POP!

Knowing early on I needed to learn how to live with balloons. I figured I would have to deal with them sooner or later and I could no avoid the troublesome bags of hot air forever!