Chato Stewart Artist’s Notes Bonus: 

The Mental Health Humor Cartoon #1804 Parents Enforce No Cell Phone Day – Look What Happened is really two cartoons rolled into one.  I wanted to try a split cell cartoon.  I thought I could go half and half to top and bottom, but I just ran out of drawing room.

The Joke (the gag) for the cartoon was simple, with an idea that gone are the innocent days of yesteryear…the kids of today may have a bit more twisted imagination…I blame the internet.

Deep seeded in the gag are a few mini supporting images telling their own story.

Overlaying the banter between Frosty and the snow boy is the underlying cause…the protagonists, the parents, taking the cell phones away.

Deeper still–this has a bit of with my three girls being the kids about to play with Frosty.

Guess, deep down, I figure this is how I would expect a meeting to go down for Frosty meeting my three girls.   

This is my first doodle of the new Frosty Cartoon idea.


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