Michael Jordan is quoted as saying, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Now, whether or not Michael Jordan is actually said this about teamwork, who knows? It’s been quoted enough times that I’m sure Michael Jordan doesn’t even remember.  Still, it sounds good and rings true about teamwork.

The Mental Health Humor cartoon looks at the importance of two types of people, Keystone, and Key People.  How does a keystone person affect a team?  Locked and ridge without flexibility, self-absorbed in their own importance to notice or even care how it affects others.  Can that be good for a team?

A Key Person, willing to work as a team player. Flexible, and intelligent to want input and help from others from their team.  That’s a team which will get things accomplished right?

Do we have a team for our own wellness?  Are we a Keystone or Key person?

Reading over a Psych Central post titled The Power of Collaboration shared a few benefits from the business side of teamwork.

Some benefits of collaboration or teamwork are:

Diminished feelings of isolation.

More frequent feedback.

Teaches us conflict resolution skills.

Builds trust.

Lastly, I would like to share this powerful quote from Jill’s article The Power of Collaboration:

Collaborations (teamwork) have the power to move us forward in life more quickly than we can move on our own and to feel a real connection to other people along the way.” ~ Jill L. Ferguson, M.A.

Dig Deeper: Read the full article below.

The Power of Collaboration