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How Are You Sleeping?

Mental Health Humor: Sleepless Mind. Sleeping is one of the key factors in staying healthy.  We need to sleep to function optimally.  Sleep deprivation and insomnia and sleep issues contribute and compound health problems.

Why is catching a few hours of good, restful, sleep so hard? Do you find it hard to catch a few “zzzs?”

Every time I see my doctor or therapist among their questions they ask: “How are you sleeping?”

It, then, goes without saying: sleep is important!

If we could identify our sleep pattern in the relationship with our moods, what beneficial modifications could we make?

I have had sleep issues for decades.  For the last 3 years or more, I could not sleep at all unless I was medicated, or I was burnt out for being awake for days.  The only time I could sleep was when I was in a deep depression.  However, that was not real sleep.  It’s tortured rest.  I would be up every night until 2 or 3 a.m.  if I could fall asleep. I could not get up in the morning until 10 a.m. or later.  Each night was a roll of the dice:  would I sleep?   Then with some help with a diet, I got to see something I missed for so long…the sunrise.

I never thought I would enjoy the beauty and majesty of the sunrise again.  It fills me with such positive energy and hope for the day.  It’s a reminder of what I lost for so long, but lets me know it’s still here waiting for me, with hope and joy and warmth…and vitamin D!

What Are Some Other Benefits Of Sleep?

Besides the fact that we all need it, well most of us anyway… The following is the inspiration behind today’s Mental Health Humor Cartoon title “The Sleep Diet.’

Other great benefits of sleep can be weight loss?  Yes, I kid you not.  I was laughing when I read this in my paper the other day.   The local paper has an article about burning calories and quoted Amy Rosoff Davis.  Davis is a “fitness, health and lifestyle guru dedicated to helping people become their best self.”   (One of her clients you might know: Selena Gomez.)

Amy Rosoff Davis says, “believe it or not sleep helps your metabolism.  when you’re sleep deprived, your blood sugar is lower, which sends false signals to the brain that you are hungrier than you actually are… Plus when you are tired, you don’t always make the best food choices.”

Sleep or lack of sleep not only will make you moody and irritable and mess up your day, it can also trigger increased hunger and appetite.  This can totally mess with your metabolism.  Getting a good night of sleep can improve your metabolism.

Now that would be a great diet, a sleep diet!  Sleep all day to get that metabolism healthier…Now that is a diet I think I could keep.

I wonder how much weight-loss I could expect if I sleep 15 hours a day?




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How Are You Sleeping?



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