I’m loving the daily walks, I never in my life have walked so many steps in one day (that I can recall)…Today I reached a milestone, more like a five-milestone!  Walking 5 miles in one hour and forty-nine minutes.  It was only a few months ago that walking one mile took me a whole hour.

Now, Getting my steps in is my new passion/obsession! I’m even getting to know people in the neighborhood, too.  A few by name, others by greetings or grimaces, depending on the day.

Learning so much about my neighborhood walking early morning in the last few months. Even getting to know my neighbors, humans, and critters that are out every morning.  I make it a point to say hello each day, whether they acknowledge me or not.

Here Are Some Photos From My Walks

Strange Things Happen When You Care Enough To Say Hello

People talk back to ya! PEOPLE ARE NICE!

The other day I was getting cheered on by a few neighbors for my efforts.  They gave me a thumbs up.  The simple gesture had a positive pushing effect as I walked to get my steps.

I also had one driver cheered me on, it was when I was walking in the center of the road.  Although, he cheered me on with a different finger.