The Path To Good Mental Health Could Be Good Glucose Numbers

In August of 2017, I radically changed my diet because I was told could help with my diabetes and controlling my numbers.  And I was told it might even help me lose weight.

I was all in, I’ve already changed my eating habits full-on diabetes lifestyle: no white bread or soda, low-fat/no-fat, no red meat, and lots of other restrictions.  I was not seeing my numbers go down even on meds. I did not know what to do and I wanted to avoid insulin if possible.

That is when I heard about the Keto Diet.  With this low-carb, high-good-fat diet, I’ve been making good progress on my numbers.  Seeing low 100’s and this past week…the following 83 the lowest and averaging glucose 98.

Is my glucose under control?  Not 100%, but I’m getting there. The main benefit is the way I feel.  My moods seem to have more stability.  Or better said I recognize my moods and can follow them like words or a song. They have order and are not full of chaos.  Does that make any sense to any anyone?

It seems to me that eating healthier, having less sugar or carbs–I feel more alive…weird.

Must be the Butter Coffee.

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